Bluesky Social Sign Up

Jack Dorsey ‘Bluesky Social’ is all set for Beta, in just 48 hours already 30,000 people have signed up for Bluesky Social beta version. Bluesky social is just another rival of Twitter just like Mastodon. Bluesky social sign up process is really easy, let’s know bluesky social in detail. 

In 2019 when Dorsey said he will create a decentralized social media app, no one knew what that meant. But with increasing privacy concerns of social media users, more and more people are switching into secure networking systems. After Elon Musk took over Twitter completely, now people are looking for alternative Twitter like social media handels and Bluesky social is one of them . 

Bluesky social sign up is possible by going onto bluesky social official website. You have to enter your email from which you want to open your bluesky social account and then join the waitlist. Once you are confirmed you can join bluesky social. 

You can still bluesky beta sign up to join the app to become a beta user before the platform is publicly available. Hop in to know the easy steps for Bluesky Social sign up. Keep Reading!  

Bluesky Social Sign Up

Bluesky social app is a new social networking foundation that offers consumers flexibility in their experience, developers freedom to construct, and creators independence from platforms.

Presented as a concept to the world in 2019, the new social network was defined as a “social media system that would be decentralized”.

One of Bluesky’s main selling points is its technology  which is called “AT Protocol”. It  will give users control of their algorithms. Below we have mentioned, how to download bluesky social app. Keep reading the guide if you want to read more about bluesky signup.

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How To Sign Up For Bluesky Social?

If you want to know about the bluesky social app download, then Sign Up for Bluesky Social by going to this link, follow the steps below for more info: 

Step 1: Tap on Link 

Step 2: Enter your email on blue sky social app

Bluesky Social Sign Up

Step 3: Wait list 

Bluesky Social Sign Up

Bluesky Social Sign Up Waitlist 

As bluesky social is now in the rolling stage and a maximum number of people have registered for it. The bluesky social waiting list has been created. Once there will be a slot you will be automatically signed in. Also you will be notified with an email from bluesky social. Bluesky social will notify you as “Your email has been saved! We’ll be in touch soon”. 

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To Sum Up 

Since Elon Musk has successfully acquired Twitter, Bluesky social remains independent from Twitter. If you don’t like Twitter the bluesky social is for you. This was all about the bluesky social signup, so signup and book your slot! Keep following Sportingibay and don’t forget to comment. 

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