50+ Best YouTuber Songs and Latest Trending Music Videos

Why to settle for less when you can have a hoard of the best quality entertainment all at the ease of your fingertips. YouTube is the finest art platform that provides you with the best content regarding endless topics. Whether you are getting bored at home or wish to be up-to-date about the recent happenings across the world, YouTube is the most reliable social media platform to help you.

Talking about our daily dose of entertainment, music comes first on the list. A good song in the morning can make the whole day blissful. YouTube music never fails to provide music recommendations for all moods. If you are fascinated by the latest trends on social media, you would love to know the best YouTuber Songs with the latest trending videos.

After a quick research, we have covered over 50 best YouTuber songs used by famous YouTubers to create their videos. Some of the best songs that can be spotted in the list below are Down Like That, Adam’s Apple, Little Boy, It’s Every Night Sis, Bitcoin, Help Me Help You, Outta My Hair, and many more to follow.

You can easily find these songs on YouTube music and Spotify as well. Here in this post, you will find your favorite songs, remixes, albums, and popular artists.

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50+ Best YouTuber Songs and Latest Trending Music Videos in 2021

50+ Best YouTuber Songs and Latest Trending Music Videos; Best YouTuber Songs
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Stream now to YouTube music and get your hands on these best YouTuber songs and the latest trending Music videos in 2021. But first, let’s dive into this trending playlist with 50+ Best songs.

Down Like ThatDissimulationKSI, S-X, Rick Ross, Lil Baby
Adam’s AppleDisstracktions-EPKSI
Little BoyDisstracktions-EPKSI
It’s Every Night SisIt’s Every Night SisRicegum, Alissa Violet
Help Me Help YouHelp Me Help YouLogan Paul, Why Don’t We
Outta My HairOutta My HairLogan Paul
Uh Huh! Voice MemosQuadeca
War! Voice MemosQuadeca, Dax
KSI’s Little BrotherKSI’s Little BrotherMiniminter
UncontrollableUncontrollableKSI, Big Zuu
Check the StaticsCheck the StatisticsCharle$
4 Ghosts4 GhostsFousey
UnforgivableUnforgivableDeji, Crypt, Jallow, Dax
Bitch LasagnaBitch LasagnaPewdiepie, Party in Backyard
Dear GodI’ll Say It For YouDax
VibraniumVibraniumChunkz, Neji
God ChurchGod ChurchRicegum
Asian Jake PaulAsian Jake PauliDubbbz, Boyinaband
Dwarf ProblemsDwarf ProblemsDwarf Mamba
Santa Diss TrackSanta Diss TrackLogan Paul
Help Me Help YouHelp Me Help YouLogan Paul, Why Don’t We
It’s Everyday BroIt’s Everyday BroJake Paul, Team 10
Frick Da PoliceFrick Da PoliceRicegum
VardaanN/ACarry Minati, WilyFrenzy
Takin My BabyAin’t Nobody Takin My BabyThe Gregory Brothers
Jake PaulersN/AJake Paul
Down Like ThatDissimulationKSI
All the WayFrank SinatraThe Gregory Brothers
HeavyweightCurveNitrous Oxide
Beat Your CompetitionN/AVibe Tracks
Dirty ClubDirty ClubNathan Rux
God ChurchN/ARicegum
Santa Diss TrackN/ALogan Paul
Bend The KneeOriginalNetNobody
Sidemen Diss TrackN/AMiniminter

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Best YouTubers Songs and Trending Music Videos

Dame Tu Cosita El Chombo
Thinking Out LoudEd Sheeran
Counting StarsNative
RoarKetty Perry
Sorry Justin Bieber
SugarMaroon 5
Gangnam StylePSY
Uptown FunkMark Ranson feat.Bruno Mars
See You AgainWiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth
Shape of YouEd Sheeran
DespacitoLuis Fonsi, ft.Daddy Yankee
Shake It OffTaylor Swift
FadedAlan Walker
Dark HorseKaty Perry
Lean OnMajor Lazer
That Positive FeelingAlumo
The Happy TrollD1ofaquavibe
The Love ClubLorde
Warrior of the NightAero Chord
Starting OverOokay
JB FanvideoLaina Morris
Darix TogniDigi G’Alessio
Monkeys Spinning MonkeysKevin MacLeod
Not For NothingOtis McDonald
Vanilla Urban 4Niklas Ahlstrom
Good StarsJingle Punks
NeverArk Patrol
How It IsBianca HeinickeBianca Heinicke
We Do It BestTanner Fox
Dance MonkeyTones and I
VaasteNikhil D’Souza
How You Like ThatBlackPink
Girls Like YouMaroon 5
High Rated GabruGuru Randhawa
See You AgainWiz Khalifa
Rain On MeLady Gaga

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding YouTuber songs:

What is the biggest YouTuber Song?

Although there are many best YouTuber songs to list, here are the top four amongst them:
Baby Shark Dance by Pinkfong Kids’ Songs & Stories
Despacito by Luis Fonsi
Shape of You by Ed Sheeran
Jonny Jonny Yes Papa by LooLoo Kids

Which is the most popular song on YouTube 2021?

The most popular songs in 2021 are:
Despacito by Luis Fonsi
See You Again by Wiz Khalifa
Gangnam Style by PSY, etc.

Why is the “Despacito” song so famous?

This song is widely famous because of its music composition that contained a subtle mix of Carrabien and Latin language. Also, it is based on pop vocals along with traditional music and rap at the beginning. This song features Daddy Yankee that makes it even more catchy.

Which were the most trending songs in 2020 that are still popular?

The top four in the list are:
Blinding Lights by Weeknd
Dance Monkey by Tones and I
Roses by Saint JHN
Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi


Right above you got to explore the list of best YouTuber songs and the latest trending music videos in 2021. Now, you too can use these trending songs to make your videos and showcase your talent. It’s good to follow the trends and it’s even better to create your own. Be innovative and never stop experimenting!!

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