Best VR Treadmill 2022 | Best 10 VR Treadmill For Oculus Quest 2

As the saying goes, Health is wealth. It is necessary for everyone to remain fit. However, due to a busy life schedule, it is difficult to make time to go to the gym. With the latest VR headsets and treadmills, you can easily remain fit at home. Here we are with the best VR treadmill 2022.

With Oculus Quest 2, you can easily remain fit. You just have to go to Oculus Store and download the apps and games. These games require space to perform exercises. You can also choose the treadmill option and play the games on the treadmill. This way you can enjoy yourself while playing.

We have made a list of 10 best VR treadmill 2022 apps and games which you can easily download from the Oculus store and start playing. We have also provided the price list and some of them are available for free on trials. So without losing time, let’s start with our list of the Best VR Treadmill.

Best VR Treadmill 2022

Here is a list of the 5 best VR treadmill games 2022.

1. Virtuix Omni

Best VR Treadmill 2022 | Best 10 VR Treadmill For Oculus Quest 2

Move freely and at full speed at 360° without getting hurt. The Omni enables unparalleled gameplay action. Built-in staging area with 8 seats, 11 TVs, and 11 touch screens for high throughput with only one attendant.

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2. Cyberith Virtualizer

The next one on the list of the Best VR Treadmill is Cyberith Vitualizer.

The Cyberith Virtualizer is a locomotion platform for virtual reality. Also known under the name “Omnidirectional Treadmill”, our VR simulator enables full movement in virtual environments.

Cyberith focuses on full-body movement in virtual reality. Walk and run through infinitely sized virtual environments.

The motion tracking system of the Virtualizer operates fully optically allowing for high accuracy and low latency. They offer two versions of the Virtualizer: The new Virtualizer ELITE 2 and the Virtualizer R&D Kit.

3. KAT Walk C: Personal VR Treadmill

KAT Walk C is a personal VR Gaming Omni-Directional Treadmill – A KAT VR’s new generation solution that allows for 360 degrees of human motion, creating infinite movement area in VR on minimum physical space in reality. Optimised entirely for gamers, the KAT Walk C makes physical exploration of Virtual environments a reality!

4. Spacewalker VR

It also provides treadmills or platforms for VR headsets. It comes with a unique design that won’t let you fall off the platform.

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5. Infinadeck

The last one that has marked its position on the Best VR Treadmill is Infinadeck.

Infinadeck is the only true omnidirectional treadmill in the industry. Infinadeck fully realizes the virtual reality experience by allowing users to naturally walk in any direction, allowing true and full immersion within the VR environment. Its features include.

  1. 360-degree moving floor for natural movement.
  2. Active wireless control system.
  3. No special equipment or hardware required.
  4. Native Integration With Your VR OS.
  5. Link multiple units for shared experiences.

Which Apps Are Best For VR Treadmills?

You got to know about the Best VR Treadmill, now, here is a list of apps that you can enjoy on your VR treadmill.

1. FitXR – Boxing, HIIT, And Dance Workouts

Price: Free trial

FitXR is the #1 app for Box, HIIT & Dance Fitness Workouts. FitXR is the perfect workout app for beginners, but also includes hundreds of workouts for intermediate and advanced users.

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Price: $34.99

Winner of Best VR Meditation App by Men’s Health and VR Fitness Insider, TRIPP instantaneously shifts your mood to leave you feeling happier, calmer, and more focused. 

Your TRIPP membership includes:

  • GUIDED MEDITATIONS: 75+ immersive mindfulness teachings
  • DAILY PRACTICES: FOCUS and CALM TRIPPs, updated daily
  • AWARD-WINNING CONTENT: From the world’s most talented creators
  • ORIGINAL WORLDS: Captivating worlds to explore, with regular additions
  • HEALING SOUNDS: Binaural audio created by acclaimed musicians
  • BREATHING EXERCISES: To condition your mind and relax your body
  • GAME-PLAY MECHANICS: To stay engaged and coming back for more
  • BUILD YOUR OWN: Customized from your favorite worlds and teachings
  • PERSONALIZATION: Upload your personal photos
  • TRACKING: Track your progress through TRIPP mobile 



Price: $29.99

Work out at home with a premium fitness app. LES MILLS, the world’s leading fitness company, brings the BODYCOMBAT experience to your VR headset with an extensive workout portfolio, top-quality coaching, innovative mechanics, and different intensities.

  • BODYCOMBAT STYLE: The world-famous martial arts-inspired workout featured in 1000s of gyms globally is now in VR, with new punch moves & knee strikes.
  • FOR EVERYONE: Beginner to advanced: 30 workout plans to help you achieve your goals.
  • GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT: All workouts are scientifically designed to get the best results.
  • FIRST-CLASS COACHES: Instructors Dan Cohen & Rachael Newsham will motivate and push you through every workout.
  • AMAZING MUSIC: The best soundtrack to motivate you with songs from artists like Noam Dee, Fas Fash, & more.
  •  BREATHTAKING ENVIRONMENTS: 5 dreamlike environments for your fitness to inspire your fitness journey, with more to come.

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4. VZfit

Price: Free trial

Ride to every corner of the world while getting a full-body cardio workout!

  • CHALLENGES AND VIRTUAL RIDES: Unlock badges, cosmetics, and rewards in our new challenges & try our new French Countryside virtual ride!
  • EXPLORE: From the snow-capped Italian Alps to the sun-kissed coast of Oahu, experience our planet’s beauty over 10 million miles of roads through Google Street View**.
  • MAKE IT YOURS: Create your own rides and share them! Earn coins while riding to customize your rider.
  • FAMILY-FRIENDLY: Everyone using your Quest can track their own stats and progress. 

You can even cycle with a bike or elliptical with the addition of a cadence sensor!

Start your journey today with 7-days of unlimited riding, followed by a free, time-limited mode with access to all features. 

Full membership options include a monthly subscription, or annual and day pass.

5. Holofit by Holodia

Price: Free trial

This game makes fitness fun. With over 100 workout options and regular updates, HOLOFIT makes sure your cardio workouts are interactive, motivating, and fun! 

Run, cycle, or row in 15 amazing worlds, use one of HIIT, Fat burn, or Time-attack programs, compete with other members of the community, and spend up to 400 calories in one session.

What do I need for HOLOFIT? 

– Monthly/ Yearly Membership 

– Optional: Compatible fitness machine. 

Start your 7-day free trial today.

Work out in Paris, Antarctica, Babylon, Tropical, Saturn, San Francisco, Underwater, Cyberpunk World, the amazing world of Troglodytes, and more! Measure calorie burns, save your workout data, and progress in our Android/iOS companion app.

Use your bodyweight for rowing, running, cycling, skiing, and Combo full-body exercises, or connect HOLOFIT to your bike, rower, or elliptical to completely transform your workouts. HOLOFIT works on all bikes, rowers, and ellipticals. 

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6. Floor Plan 2

Floor Plan 2

Price: $24.99

Floor Plan 2 is a comedy adventure inspired by escape rooms, packed with more puzzles than you can fit in an elevator.

On your first day of work, the boss sends you on an errand to retrieve a lost treasure that will turn the company’s fortunes around. And good news: it’s somewhere in the building! Just use the elevator down the hall. Oh, and by the way, each floor is a gateway to another world, nobody speaks your language, and time and space are fluid.

7. Knockout League

Price: $19.99

Welcome to the Knockout League, a single-player arcade-style boxing game built from the ground up for Virtual Reality. Its intuitive gameplay involves moving and dodging with your body and 1:1 punch movement that lets you attack how you want without relying on buttons for main gameplay. Train up with various boxing drills to take on a crazy cast of characters with different fighting styles and gameplay in order to become the champion of the Knockout League.

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8. OhShape

Price: $19.99

OhShape is a VR rhythm game offering a unique way of moving your whole body. Dodge obstacles, punch walls and make fun poses to get through each map.  Play with the coins and be the star of your own show!  

-Custom songs officially supported-

-Caravan Palace Music Pack sold separately-

Without realising it, you’ll be working out as you’ve never done before, and you will just want more and more. Enjoy the feeling, and sweat it out.

OhShape is fun for all the family. With 4 difficulty levels and a lot of gameplay settings, you can customise the experience to your skills and you will see great improvements with practice.

9. REAKT Performance Trainer

Price: $19.99


Boost your mental skills like an elite athlete.

REAKT Performance Trainer is the first virtual mental skills training system that will make you a better competitor. 

Based on technology originally developed for athletes, REAKT will make your brain perform faster with intense training and competition modes. 

  • FAST-PACED TRAINING: Step inside a virtual athletic training gym and push your mind and body to the limit. 
  • IMPROVE SKILLS THAT MATTER: Boost your reaction time, decision-making, and hand-eye coordination.
  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Get real-time feedback to map your progress and hone your skills.
  • COMPETE FOR THE TOP SPOT: Compete against other athletes and get your name on the leaderboard with the highest REAKT score.
  • STAY SHARP AND FOCUSED FOR LONGER: Feel like nothing will get by you in your life or your sport.
  • WEEKLY CHALLENGES: Earn badges and trophies with new weekly challenges designed to push your training even further.

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10. Dance Central

Dance Central

Price: $29.99

Dance Central™ is back! Designed from the ground up for VR, Dance Central immerses you and your friends in the world’s best dance club experience where you are the life of the party and nobody steps on your toes.

Dance Central includes a 32 song soundtrack featuring chart-toppers from the 1970s through to today’s biggest hits. With two difficulty levels and unique routines choreographed for each song, there’s plenty to keep you dancing all night.

Dance Central also features the franchise’s first dive into synchronous online multiplayer. Customize your look, take an in-game selfie and then meet up with friends in the multiplayer lounge to party, chat, and dance your hearts out. With cross-play, you can compete against your friends on both the Oculus Quest and Rift Platform in free-for-all or team dance games to see who’s the best in the crew.

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Wrapping Up

That’s all for the Best VR Treadmill.

Here we conclude our post on the best VR treadmill 2022. We have gone through the best 10 VR treadmill apps and games. You can try some of these games for free on trial. Once you learn how to play these games on the treadmill, then you can go for other paid games.

Keep exploring our website to know more about Oculus Quest 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are There Any Good VR Treadmills?

Here are some of the best treadmills of 2020 are explained below: 

Kat Walk Mini. 

Virtuix Omni.

Q2. How Much Does Virtuix Omni Cost?

The Omni One is an elaborate full-body controller that lets you physically run, jump, and crouch in place. Following an earlier business- and arcade-focused device, it’s supposed to ship in mid-2021 for $1,995, and Virtuix is announcing the product with a crowdfunding investment campaign.

Q3. Which VR Is The Most Realistic?

If you want the highest-resolution VR experience, the HTC Vive Pro 2 is the headset to get. This high-end PC VR headset targets both enthusiasts and professionals, with the sharpest picture available at 2,448 by 2,448 pixels per eye. It easily offers the best visuals we’ve seen in VR so far.

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