10 Best Thai Food YouTubers You Should Follow in 2021

Thai cuisine is a national food identity of Thai people. It is a combination of sweet, salty, and sour ingredients which makes its taste better. You can also learn to prepare Thai food by sitting at your home. What you need is to follow the best Thai food YouTubers.

You might have tasted several types of food, but nothing can be better than Thai food. If you haven’t tried it yet, you must give it a chance. Thai people eat only a simple diet. However, there is still boiled fish and curry. The oil is used less in cooking whereas coconut oil and coconut milk is used more instead of animal fat. 

Talking about the Thai food YouTubers, Mark Wiens is one number one with 7.5 million subscribers, Pailin’s Kitchen ranks number two, and Marion’s Kitchen on number three. The top 10 Thai food YouTubers are:

Thai Food YouTubersSubscribers
Mark Wiens7.5 Million
Pailin’s Kitchen1.31 Million
Marian’s Kitchen1.25 Million
Eat Street Repeat189K
RK Thai Kitchen and Beyond135K
Spoon Fork Heart90.4K
Daily Dish72.6K
Duncan’s Thai Kitchen40.1K
Joy Buasi14.5K

Apart from these three, there are seven more food YouTubers which you’ll gradually know about by reading the full article.

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Best Thai Food YouTubers You Should Follow in 2021

The list we have mentioned below contains the channel names of top Thai food YouTubers along with their total number of subscribers.

Mark Wiens – 7.5M Subscribers

Mark Weins is a YouTube channel of one of the best Thai food YouTubers of the same name. He thinks that food is the only reason for him to travel. On his YouTube channel, he explores several dishes and street food while traveling. Mark has created Thai food and Travel guides playlists that will make you understand the various countries and their food. As of now, there are over 1.1K videos uploaded on the Mark Wiens channel with 10 billion-plus views.

Pailin’s Kitchen – 1.31M Subscribers

This is a food channel on YouTube which is run by Pai. She demystifies authentic and easy-to-follow Thai recipes that anyone can prepare in their kitchen. Pai has also published a recipe book “Hot Thai Kitchen” in which she has disclosed many Thai recipes in the text format. The main playlists on her channel are fried rice recipes, Chinese recipes, yum yum recipes, and Thai fusion recipes. The total number of videos on Pailin’s Kitchen are 534 with 100 million views.

Marion’s Kitchen – 1.25M Subscribers

Marion Grasby is the owner of this YouTube channel. Apart from being a YouTuber, Marion is also a cookbook author and a food producer. She lives in Thailand but travels throughout Asian countries in order to find the most beautiful dishes. It helps Marion a lot in uploading good quality content. The total videos on her channel are 589 but views on them are more than 100 million.

Eat Street Repeat – 189K Subscribers

This YouTube channel was started in 2015 and the creator of this channel is on a mission to travel to various places in Thailand so that he can get an idea of the Thai people, their food, and their culture. The main playlists on this channel are cooking and eating, eat street repeat, and eat it all. Eat Street Repeat has uploaded 120 videos. The total number of views on their video is in millions.

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RK Thai Kitchen & Beyond – 135K Subscribers

RK Thai Kitchen & Beyond is a YouTube channel by Aor Rungrudee where she prepares and teaches people how to cook authentic Thai food. Sometimes, she also shares videos of other nations’ food cooking. Some of the uploaded playlists on this channel are Thai red curry, Thai fried rice, Dipping sauce, and vegetarian recipes. The total number of videos on this channel is 355 with 10 million-plus views.

Spoon Fork Heart – 90.4K Subscribers

Siri Vichianchay is the owner of Spoon Fork Hear and she is one of the best Thai food YouTubers with 90.4K subscribers. According to her, food is not made just to eat, it should be enjoyed with the company of others. She shared 51 recipes in 2015, 89 recipes in 2016, and 22 recipes in 2020. The total number of videos is 252 and views are more than 100 million.

Daily Dish – 72.6K Subscribers

It is a newly rebranded cooking channel of whatrecipe.tv. Here, you will find easy-to-follow cooking instructions. If you don’t know Thai but love to know about Thai food, then you can turn on captions in order to know the recipes in the English language. The videos on this channel are 1.3K but views are more than 160 million.

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Darrenb3 – 58.4K Subscribers

Darrenb3 is all about Thailand food and travel. By subscribing to this channel, you’ll get updates about Thai street food, travel tips, Thai culture, and many more related to food. Talking about the videos, there are a total of 461 videos whereas overall views are over 220 million.

Duncan’s Thai Kitchen – 40.1K Subscribers

This channel was started back in 2014 with a view to sharing honest Thai cooking videos. The chef in this channel is Duncan Robertson who is one of the best Thai food YouTubers. On this channel, the creator had uploaded vegan recipes, authentic Thai recipes, and top Thai restaurants. There are 184 videos uploaded on this channel with 6 million-plus views.

Joy Buasi – 14.5K Subscribers

Joy Buasi is a YouTube channel that is all about Thai food dishes. On this channel, you’ll find various delicious Thai food recipes. This channel was started in 2007 and as of now there are 14.5K subscribers and the total videos are 70 with over 4 million views.

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These are the best Thai food YouTubers. You can watch food videos on any of these YouTube channels in order to know more about the delicious Thai recipes. If you are a fan of Russian food then check out these best Russian Food YouTubers.

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