Best Spanish Lifestyle Youtube Channels You Should Follow in 2021

Enhance your boring life by following the best Spanish lifestyle YouTube channels and know what the creators of that channel do to make their lifestyle better.

Talking about the lifestyle, there are many subcategories that fall under it such as food, fashion, health, culture, travel, finance, decor, self-care, beauty, and a lot more. Now, if we follow any person who is a master in any of these categories, we can get motivation from them to live a healthy and wealthy life.

The best Spanish Lifestyle Youtuber is Atraviesa lo desconocido who has 3 million-plus subscribers on his Youtube channel. Another top 2 YouTuber’s channels are Ratolina and Cintreśna Records.

There are seven more lifestyle YouTubers of Spain which you will gradually know about by reading the complete article.

Best Spanish Lifestyle Youtube Channels You Should Follow in 2021

We have disclosed the list of these YouTubers in decreasing order according to their number of subscribers. In addition, all these below-listed creators upload good quality content.

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Atraviesa lo desconocido – 3.06M Subscribers


Atraviesa lo desconocido is one of the best Spanish Lifestyle Youtube channels dedicated to the mysteries of science and the universe that are presented by Fon. He joined Youtube back in 2009. Fon graduated in electronics but he is also an amateur astronomer, researcher, and a good writer. Talking about the channel, there are a total of 1,058 uploaded videos with 63 million views.

Contrasena Records – 1.28M Subscribers


This is an official Youtube channel of Contraseña Records, a Valencian discographer that distributes online music and distributes it in a CD format. It was founded in 1991 but the Youtube channel was joined in 2010. The number of videos on this channel is 814 while views are over 46 million.

Ratolina – 1.26M Subscribers


Ratolina is a Youtube channel run by Marta Bel Díaz(born in 1990). She is a Spanish beauty instructor who became famous because of uploading great beauty content on her YouTube channel. Marta joined Youtube in 2009 and as of now, she has earned over 1.26 million subscribers just by uploading 715 videos of makeup tutorials, unboxings, and more. The total views on her channel are 200 million-plus.

Grace Villarreal – 845K Subscribers


Grace Villarreal is also a Fashion lifestyle Youtuber who uploads fashion and makeup videos on her Youtube channel but is also known for her other channel, HappySunnyFlowers. Grace joined the Youtube community in 2012 and gained 845K subscribers till now. The videos on her channel are 725 and views are more than 100 million.

Maryplacech – 817K Subscribers


The owner of this Youtube channel is Maria and she created this channel in 2016 in order to help other people stay fit and healthy. Maria is a mom of two but still creates new lifestyle videos and uploads them on YouTube. She has uploaded 1,238 videos as of now and views are more than 160 million.

Flishflisher – 647K Subscribers


The Real name of the Youtuber is Nekane. She is a historian and a passionate writer. Nekane usually talks very fast and she loves the paranormal world. Talking about the channel, Flishflisher is one of the best Spanish lifestyle youtube channels with 647K subscribers. The total uploaded videos are 451 whereas views are over 7 million.

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Sergi Constance – 570K Subscribers


Sergi Constance is a Spanish model and he created a Youtube channel of the same name in 2011 to teach body training to others by uploading video content. By subscribing to Sergi Constance, you’ll get body-building tips and tricks. The total number of videos on his channel is just 198 whereas views are 4 million.

Laura Escanes – 520K Subscribers


Laura Escanes is one of the best Spanish lifestyle youtube channels that has been created by Laura in 2011. The main playlists on this channel include dairy of a wedding, lookbook & hauls, and makeup and routines. The total number of videos on Laura Escanes is just 56 while views are more than 5 million.

Balamoda – 421K Subscribers


Balen created this Youtube channel in 2009 in order to share her vision of fashion. By subscribing to this channel, you’ll get free information related to fashion such as how to dress at weddings, what to wear on several occasions, and some DIY tips and tricks. The total number of views on the Balamoda youtube channel is 8.2 million whereas videos are 903.

Rafa Martin – 367K Subscribers


Rafa Martín is the No. 1 Youtube Fitness channel of Spain and Latin America. Here, you’ll get each and every piece of information related to health and fitness, personal care, personal motivation, training, nutrition, etc. There are more than 7 million views on this Youtube channel. The total number of uploaded videos is just 604.

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All these above-mentioned are the best Spanish Lifestyle Youtube channels . You can check each YouTuber’s genre and follow them accordingly.

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