10 Best Spanish Food YouTube Channels To Follow

If you are a fan of Spanish food and want to try various mouth-watering recipes at home then what’s better than trying the best Spanish Food YouTube channels and that too from the best Spanish Food YouTubers. Learn to cook the most complex dishes in the easiest ways through these channels. 

Whether you wish to cook olives, Patata bravas, Paella, Chorizo, tinned seafood, or churros, YouTube is the best way to get started. From making simple tortillas to making the most complex ones, YouTube videos are really helpful for all. Especially if you are an amateur cook who wants to polish their cooking skills then do take help from the best Spanish food YouTube channels available online. 

To name a few best Spanish food YouTube channels to learn cooking from, Albert Bevia , James Blick, Devour Barcelona, Sofia, and many others are on this top list. Do you know what the best part about these food YouTubers is? It’s the engaging techniques they use to teach the recipes. Now you can be your own favorite cook by learning from these channels.

Get to know the best street food in Spanish that you weren’t aware of. Learn the all-time best recipes from top chefs. Learn how to turn simple food into a creative dish.

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10 Best Spanish Food YouTube Channels

Best Spanish Food YouTube Channels; 10 Best Spanish Food YouTube Channels
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Remember the last time you cooked and it went blunder. Relax!! That won’t happen again as you can learn from these best Spanish food YouTube channels and impress your loved ones with your cooking skills.

Albert Bevia – Spain on a Fork – 154K Subscribers

This YouTube channel was created on 26th December 2016. Albert Bevin is the chef in this channel who is a self-taught cook. He is now sharing his self tried and mastered recipes with everyone through his popular YouTube channel Spain on a Fork.

Explore the exotic Spanish flavors and herbs through this channel. Try these recipes at home and have a feast with your families.

Rick Bayless – 104 K Subscribers

This popular cooking channel was started on 21st May 2014. Rick Bayless is a famous personality who is a Mexican Cuisine expert and has worked with many top restaurants. He is a famous television personality, a TV host, and an Author. Some of his recent recipes on the channel are Cochinita Pibil, Toasted pasta with mushrooms, etc.

James Blick – Spain Revealed – 103 K Subscribers

This channel was started on 7th January 2007. The main motive for which James Blick started this channel was to explore Spain and its local dishes and present it to the masses. This channel is very famous as it gives the local dishes from Spain a different identity.

As of now, the channel contains a total of 112 videos. To talk about his earnings, $20-25k is the estimated amount revealed so far per year.

Foods & Wines From Spain – 7.44K Subscribers

This food channel was started on 14th February 2013. As the name suggests this channel presents Spanish food and Wines through their most popular YouTube channel, Foods, and Wines. The channel provides you with the latest news, latest trending foods, and Wine companies of Spain.

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Devour Barcelona – Devour Tours – 4.93K Subscribers

This channel was started on 2nd February. The channel was started by few food enthusiasts who traveled to various parts of the country and showcased the wide variety of delicious foods from the streets of Spain. Follow their channel to meet new cultures and their food.

The Spicy Kitchen – 1.1K Subscribers

This channel was started on 2nd July 2016. This channel is a little different from other Spanish food channels as it showcases only vegetarian dishes. Enjoy making the most delightful dishes using simple ingredients. And don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to the channel.

Spanish Recipes with Sofia – 1K Subscribers

This channel was started on 10th January 2017. Sofia started this channel in order to share her cooking skills and the cultural variety with all. Learn the simplest of techniques to prepare professional-level Spanish food at home. Learn to create fusion in the dishes through this channel. For Sophia cooking is her happy place.

Spanish Taster1K Subscribers

This channel was started on 14th June 2018. This channel posts some traditional Spanish food in their videos like Spanish seafood rice, white beans, and salt, Coconut cookies, Spanish puff pastry, etc. The dishes presented on the channel are travel-friendly and can be cooked during traveling also. Like your two-minute noodles recipe, these recipes are also easy to try.

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Pati Jinich – 67.6K Subscribers

This channel was started on 5th May 2009. The host of this channel is a multi-talented personality, Patricia Jinich. She is a chef, an author (having various cookbooks launched by her), an educator, and a TV renowned personality too. She used to write articles on different cuisine in her earlier days. After getting encouraged by the executive director of Mexico, she thought of bringing up her cooking skills in front of the world through her YouTube channel. Her books are so easy and joyful for everyone who loves to cook or wishes to be a better cook.

Cooking with Vianey – 5.42K Subscribers

The host of this YouTube channel is Vianey. Her passion for cooking made her start this YouTube channel. The channel was started on 12th November 2008. She shares new recipes every week. Some recent recipes on her channel are Hibiscus drink, Chessy Alambre with Queso Quesadilla, etc.

Give your taste buds the feast of flavors and satisfaction by following these best Spanish food YouTube channels. Whether it’s a house party or cooking for yourself alone, these YouTube channels are a really good option to try new recipes. Enjoy the delicious meals and don’t forget to share your cooking experience with us in the comments section below. 

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