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Be it your favorite sports personality, Virat or Ronaldo, or your favorite singer Post Malone. All have one thing in common. Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about body tattoos. Are you planning to get inked? Well, if yes then before getting them do go through the Best Sites For Free Tattoos Design listed below.

Today tattoos are associated with style and fashion. But, if you unfold the pages of history then you will find that our ancestors used to make tattoos as a sign of respect. Well, there are various tribes in the world that have a dedicated pattern of tattoos associated with tribal posts. Whatever may be the reasons, one thing is for sure that tattoos are fascinating.

It doesn’t matter if you are getting the first tattoo or the second, the pressure is the same. So, to handle the pressure you are going through we have listed the best sites for free tattoo designs. 

So, without wasting much of your time let us start with the article.

Best Sites For Free Tattoo Designs

Getting your first tattoo is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words. It is obvious that you would do a lot of research to find the tattoo that suits your personality the best. So, here we are the list of the best sites for free tattoo designs. Have a look at them one by one and find your best tattoo. 


Best Sites For Free Tattoo Designs

Let us start the list of the Best Sites For Free Tattoo Designs with one of the oldest websites in the market. The name of the website is and was started in 1998. The website that started like the tattoo idea has evolved itself over the years.

Coming to the user interface of the website, the homepage is white in color and has various tattoo-related ideas categories-wise. In addition, the website also publishes tattoo-related posts and interviews of various famous celebrities. 

You can access the website without registering but if you want to be a part of the Tattoo community then you are required to log in. This will give you access to the photos sharing feature and you can share your tattoo experience and photos in your account.

Plus, registering will allow you to save the photo in your account and you can access it later. 

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2. Instagram

Instagram is surely not a dedicated application for Tattoo design ideas. But, it is one of the best sites for free tattoo designs. Wondering How?? Well, the answer is the famous hashtags. Don’t get confused, we will explain to you how.

Instagram was started in the year 2011 as the photos and videos sharing application. The application evolved itself over the years. The major update came into the year 2017, this update lets us follow the hashtags on the platform just like the other accounts.

What will be displayed in the Hashtags?

If you have followed #tattoos on Instagram then every photo posted on the platform with the hashtag tattoo will be displayed to you. So, this will give the idea for the tattoo suggestion free of cost.

3. Custom Tattoo Design

Best Sites For Free Tattoo Designs

Getting a tattoo may only take a few hours but getting a perfect design that suits your personality may take days. Well, if you want to get a tattoo on your body and are confused about the type of tattoo then the next website in the list of the Best sites for free tattoo designs will solve your purpose.

The name of the website is Custom Tattoo Design and the website is undoubtedly the Best Sites For Free Tattoo Designs.

You need to register on the website and the website will provide you with the artist that will help you in customizing the tattoo design that you want to get inked.

You only have to tell the artist your preferred idea and he will design the best possible tattoo sketch for you. Well, you need to pay for the ideas as you are getting it from the professionals. 

However, keeping the customer’s satisfaction in mind. The company will send you the rough sketch first. If you don’t like it, all your money will be refunded. The final tattoo design will come only after the approval by the customer. You will also be provided with the authenticity certificate from the artist.

The site will also tell you the estimated cost of the design.

4. Vecteezy 

You can come across a number of tattoo designs in the google images section. But, downloading or remembering the high quality Tattoo designs is always a challenge. So, we are here with the website that will let you download the good quality tattoo design by Professional artists for free.

Vecteezy is one of the best sites for free tattoo designs. You can visit the website easily from your mobile devices or laptops. All you have to do is search for the word “tattoo” in the search box present on the homepage of the website.

This will provide you with more than 2000 suggestions. Some of these can be downloaded for free and for some you need to purchase the premium membership of the platform. You can also search the tattoo designs by applying the filters that will separate the free designs from the premium ones. 

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5. Ink Hunter

Best Sites For Free Tattoo Designs

A tattoo once inked is hard to remove, well you can go through the laser erasing. But, that is time-consuming and requires money. 

What is the use of technology that cannot tell us how the tattoo will look upon our body after getting inked?

So, here we are with another website that will help you to see yourself after getting inked. We know that you are getting confused. Let us get to you straight. The website offers the android as well as the iPhone application that uses the Augmented Reality technology to show the users how they would look after getting the tattoo on their body.

You can choose from the tattoo designs available on the application and you can also upload your own designs to the platform.

6. Tattoo Ideas

Who would give you a better suggestion than the person who has been through the same situation? If you are planning to get inked then in spite of asking the people around you, you can visit the Tattoo Ideas website. It is a community of inked people who share their experiences, photos, and videos on the platform.

The website is not a big name in the tattoo industry but, if you are searching for the best sites for tattoo designs then visiting Tattoo Ideas would be a good option. 

You can search the inking ideas on the website category-wise as well. Not only this, but also you can select the body part name, and the photos submitted in the category will be displayed to you.

7. Tattoodo

Best Sites For Free Tattoo Designs

The craze of tattoos is unmatchable in the world and no one can understand it better than the person who is willing to have a tattoo. 

Yes, we are talking about you.

Are you aware of “Tattoodo”? No??  Then let us tell you that it is a social media site that has made its own community of Tattoo lovers. You can easily use this application to get tattoo design ideas for free. There are a total of 30 million users that visit the site regularly and upload their inking experience and photos on the application.

The website also provides the users with the option to book their appointments at the well-known tattoo studios located in their area. So, you can book an appointment with your favorite tattoo artists using the application.

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8. Tattooton

Finding a tattoo that suits the best to your personality and carries meaning as well is difficult. So, here is a website that will give you the tattoo design idea along with a background history associated with it.

You can find the tattoos theme-wise on the application, the most visited themes on the website are mandala, elephant, heart, and tribal. The website also comes up with a list of the best tattoos in the year. 

You can also categorize the tattoo available on the website. These categories include Male, Female, Unique, and Amazing tattoos.

9. InkBox

Best Sites For Free Tattoo Designs

The biggest fear of getting inked is, what if the tattoo does not look good but you will be unable to remove it because it’s permanent. Well, if you are fearing this then the best suggestion for you is the Inkbox.

The Inkbox website helps the users to get inked but the ink is not permanent. Now, you must be feeling that the ink will fade away when washed. However, the mechanism is different here. In temporary tattoos, the ink does not get inside the skin and is easily washed.

But, the mechanism used by the Inkbox is different, they ink the users and the ink gets under the epidermis of your skin. However, it won’t go as deep as the permanent ones.

The average lifetime of these temporary tattoos is from 8 to 18 days. The moment your new skin grows the tattoos start disappearing.

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Wrapping Up

Getting a tattoo is a lifetime opportunity for many of us. So, if you are planning to get inked then you must go through a lot of research first and these sites for free tattoo designs will help you in the purpose. 

Before listing these sites our dedicated team read a lot about the tattoo site reviews and found these to be the best sites for free tattoo design ideas.

If you found this article interesting and informative then do share it with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do You Get A Good Tattoo For Free?

To get good tattoos for free you can go to various tattoos websites. Other than visiting these tattoo websites you can also follow the tattoos hashtags on Instagram. This will help you get honest opinions from the users.

Q. How Do I Design My Own Tattoo?

There are various tattoos designing applications that will help you in customizing your own tattoo. Some of the good tattoo designing apps are 

  • Inkhunter
  • Tattoodo
  • Tattoo Designs
  • Skin Motion
  • Tattoo Fonts
  • Inksquad
  • Tattoo Master

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