7 Best Proliferate Cards MTG For Highest Counters!!

Proliferate cards mtg is a card game with a keyword action theme. It was introduced by Scars of Mirrodin with a certain set of rules. One who knows the tricks can dwell in the game. The trick is simple, choose the dead-end card for yourself. Do you want to know which are the Best Proliferate cards mtg? Read along and get to know everything about the proliferate keyword action!

In total there are 37 cards each having different stats, combating powers, and given proliferates. Choosing the right one to combat your enemies becomes an important part of the game. Either try every card and wait for your luck to shine for you or pre-decide the proliferate cards mtg and tackle the hardships in your way.

Let’s talk about the rule book. Choosing any player with a counter is allowed, including yourself. You are allowed to choose cards only on the battlefield. Players with proliferating effects can respond to the spell. It earns you new counters! By following these rules and using the best Proliferate cards mtg, you can have a total win-win situation in your favor. Check out the list below to know the powerful pick of cards. Sword of Truth and Justice is one among them. Find out the rest.

In this post, you’ll be provided with 7 top proliferate cards with best-combating abilities. If you manage to use these cards for your gameplay, there are more chances of winning more counters! So, pick wisely.

7 Best Proliferate Cards MTG

For the added amount of boost and counter-attacks, here are the 7 best cards to pick for yourself. Also, if you are using an older version of proliferate then you may get access to one type of counter only. But with the updated version you get an increased amount of counters.

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Best Proliferate cards; Thrummingbird
Source: TCGplayer

Thrummingbird is one of the best proliferate cards even though it has a low cost. It has a weak stat of  1/1 but the flying part compensates for this weakness.

You can weaken other creatures by proliferating the bird and empower it. It’s a two-cost creature.

Sword of Truth and Justice

Best Proliferate cards; Sword of Truth and Justice
Source: Beast Games Online

With much higher stats than the previous one, Sword of Truth and Justice has a two-mana cost to equip this card with a three-mana artifact.

It has +2/+2 stats and comes with protection from white and blue. You can proliferate on damaging an enemy player by putting a +1/+1 counter. It gives you a +2/+2 stat boost after your first attack.

Roalesk, Apex Hybrid

Best Proliferate cards; Roalesk, Apex Hybrid
Source: TCGplayer

Providing you both flying and trample attacks, Roalesk emphasizes +1/+1 counters. Oh, and it has a sturdy stat of 4/5. You get to proliferate twice when this one dies.

While fighting the enemy this card gives +1/+1 counters, which is great!

Atraxa, Praetor’s Voice

Best Proliferate cards; Atraxa, Praetor’s Voice
Source: Scryfall

This legendary creature comes with great base stats of 4/4. With a high four-mana cost requirement, Atraxa becomes the best of all commanders in the game.

Her effects are on another level. Takedown any creature with Deathtouch, vigilance, Lifelink, and flying skills. You don’t need to attack to proliferate. 

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Contagion Engine

Best Proliferate cards; Contagion Engine
Source: Scryfall

As the list goes down, the cost of mana increases. Contagion Engine costs you six-mana with deadly effects against wide boards. You can easily put a -1/-1 counter on the enemy board when you play it. You get to proliferate twice for additional spending of four-mana cost.

Also, if you have 10 manas to spare, great! In just a single turn, you can put -4/-4 counters with those spare 10 mana.

Contagion Clasp

Best Proliferate cards; Contagion Clasp
Source: Scryfall

You get to play Contagion Clasp way before Contagion Engine. Instead of targeting the board, you can directly target a creature with Contagion Clasp. It allows you to make a -1/-1 counterattack.

This card is very useful for certain matchups. You get to proliferate it once with the four mana. 

Grateful Apparition

Best Proliferate cards; Grateful Apparition
Source: Star City Games

Similar to the Thrummingbird, Grateful Apparition has the same 1/1 stats and costs you the same amount of mana as Thrummingbird. And it does have the flying feature.

It’s a color-shifted Thrummingbird that lets you proliferate while combating enemies. For your knowledge, Apparition’s spirit subtype supports more than any of its tribes.

To Conclude: 

Hopefully, you manage to get the right proliferates in the game. Tackle the enemies, give them the best counterattacks, proliferate more, and enjoy the best tackle ever with these best proliferate cards.

While you enjoy playing these powerful picks, there are many related queries that players ask. If you have a query regarding the cards, comment down in the comments section. We’ll come up with the best possible answers!

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Proliferate cards mtg:

How does proliferate work?

Whether you choose a permanent player, proliferate works the same for all. After proliferating, you get to play another counter on the opponent. 

Does proliferate creature tokens work?

Proliferate tokens don’t work, as they can’t interact. Proliferate is the mechanic from Scars of Mirrodin block (ie Contagion Clasp). It involved putting one counter after another on a player or any permanents that you are already having a counter on.

Does proliferate work on loyalty counters?

Yes, Proliferates work on loyalty counters. You can easily proliferate loyalty counters on players and planeswalkers as they are permanents.

Can you proliferate time counters?

In general, Any card that interacts with counters may affect permanents. It can affect them with time counters, such as Price of Betrayal, Doubling Season, cards with Proliferate, and Vorel of the Hull Clade. Since the suspended spells are in exile, such cards are not allowed to affect time counters on suspended spells.

Does Deathtouch work on Planeswalkers?

Planeswalkers are permanent. Deathtouch does not work on Planeswalkers. They just lose loyalty counters and take damage as normal. Since Planeswalkers are never treated as players, they are not even treated as creatures. As different creatures are from enchantments, the permanents are as different from creatures.

Featured Image Credits: Magic: The Gathering

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