9 Best Mounts In Final Fantasy XIV | Hacks To Get Them

Playing Final Fantasy XIV without the mounts is just like playing any MOBA Online without the sound effect. So Boring!!! Although you cannot use these mounts in the Battle arena, they are enough to make you look cool in the game. I’m sure you are wondering when and how you will be able to own mounts in Final Fantasy XIV. That’s why we brought you this article that will give you all your answers.

Apart from the battle arenas in the Final Fantasy XIV RPG, there are various items that you can collect and show off to your friends in the game. One such collectible item is the mounts. Mounts are creatures that help the player to travel around the Eorzea faster. These can be summoned by clicking on the icon in the action bar. There are various types of mounts all with different abilities.

Best Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV-

  1. Astrope
  2. Albino Karakul
  3. War Panther
  4. Forgiven Reticence
  5. Great Vessel Of Ronka
  6. Mikoshi
  7. Portly Porxie
  8. Magicked Bed
  9. Cloud Mallow

Several mounts can be unlocked in Final Fantasy 14. But, there are some special reasons that made me choose these over them all. We have mentioned all the reasons in the article below.

Best Mounts In Final Fantasy XIV

You must have read the names of the best Mounts in the game from the list provided above. Now, let us have a look at them one by one along with the procedure to unlock these mounts within the game.

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1. Astrope

Best Mounts In Final Fantasy XIV - Astrope

I would like to start the list of the best Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV with the name that took me more than a month to obtain. The mount is “Astorpe”, it is a type of horse mount that is the most common type of mount in Final Fantasy 14. Now you might be wondering, what makes Astrope one of a kind? 

If we talk about the look of the mount then it resembles the heavenly horse. Pegasus (The White Unicorn). Another specialty of the Astrope mount is that it can seat two players at a time that makes it the perfect team mount.

How To Unlock Astrope in FFXIV?

Unlocking Astrope as we were told is one of the most challenging tasks for the Final Fantasy 14 players. The players have to require 2000 duties in the Mentor roulette. It sounds simple, but you have to be a mentor first, and to become a mentor you have to complete the following tasks.

  1. Complete every quest for tank and healer.
  2. One quest for DPS class.
  3. Complete 1000 instanced duties
  4. Commendations for 1500 players. 

2. Albino Karakul

Best Mounts In Final Fantasy XIV - Albino Karakul

If you are looking for the rarest and the unique Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV, the best option is to go with the Albino Karakul. It is a cute sheep-like mount that has a giant bell hanging around its neck, the sheep has white fleece and makes a mild bleating sound while you are using the mount.

If you are in the Ishgardian Restoration then you will definitely be tempted to buy the Albino Karakul Mount. As we told you, it is one of the rarest mounts in Final Fantasy 14, and unlocking it won’t be an easy task.

How To Unlock Albino Karakul in Final Fantasy XIV?

To unlock Albino Karakul In Final Fantasy 14 you have to spend 8400 Skybuilder’s Scripts. You can easily collect them by redeeming your items to the NPC Engine. However, acquiring 8400 scrips will take some time.

3. War Panther

Best Mounts In Final Fantasy XIV - War Panther

War Panther is a fierce-looking mount that also requires a long procedure to obtain. The mount as we already said looks dangerous and is always ready for the fight. War Panther is available in two versions, one is the normal War Panther and the second is an armored version of the mount. Both the versions can be obtained from the Warrior and Paladin classes.

How To Unlock War Panther in Final Fantasy XIV?

Players can unlock the War Panther by unlocking achievements in the Dark Knight. You have to accomplish at least 200 high-end duties as Dark Night to own this fierce War Panther.

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4. Forgiven Reticence

Best Mounts In Final Fantasy XIV - Forgiven Reticence

How would you feel having a white lion as your Mount in the game? Amazing, Right? A white lion with wings that will carry you around, definitely sounds fascinating. Final Fantasy players might have got the Mount that we are talking about here. 

Forgiven Reticence is one of the easily obtainable and powerful mounts in Final Fantasy XIV. You can use the lion’s wings to gallop through Eorzea within seconds. If you remember Shadow Bringers then this mount resembles the “Sin Eater” from the game. 

How to Unlock Forgiven Reticence from Final Fantasy XIV?

Forgiven Reticence is the reward for the hunts, so you can obtain it by reaching level 80 in farming. It will cost you only 3200 nuts to obtain this mystical white lion.

5. Great Vessel Of Ronka

Best Mounts In Final Fantasy XIV - Great Vessel Of Ronka

As the name says it is not any animal or bird, this is one of the Vessel Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV. The best part about the Vessel of Ronka is the sound that it makes while you are traveling on it. This makes it one of the best choices for the players. 

The Great Vessel of Ronka also comes with a mount action that has no effect in the battle, but it feels great to show off the vessel’s action in front of the friends.

How to Unlock the Great Vessel Of Ronka from Final Fantasy XIV?

Well, the great vessel of Ronka can be obtained by reaching the seventh tier of reputation with the Qitari Tribe. The player has to work with the Qitari tribe that is also the expansion of the Shadowbringers, to unlock this mount. 

Once you have reached the seventh tier of reputation, you can unlock the vessel of Ronka with 18 Qitari complements. Qitari compliments are a type of reward from the Qitari Tribe.

6. Mikoshi

Best Mounts In Final Fantasy XIV - Mikoshi

Next on the list of the best mounts in Final Fantasy XIV is Mikoshi. Describing the looks of the Mikoshi, it is a chair that is carried by the people of the Namazu Tribe. You can hear the melodious and gentle sounds while traveling on the Mikoshi Throne.

You can see the Mikoshi Mount as a payback sign from the Namazu Tribe. You have served them a lot and in return, the people from the Namazu Tribe will carry you on their back to wherever you wish to visit.

How to Unlock Mikoshi from Final Fantasy XIV?

If you want to get carried by the Namazu tribe then you have to serve them first. Work with the Namazu Tribe and become their powerful ally. This can be done by reaching the reputation tier eight with the Namazu tribe. 

Once you have reached level eight of reputation, now spend 20 Namazu Koban to get Mikoshi. Namazu Koban is a type of reward that you collect from the Namazu tribe.

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7. Portly Porxie

Best Mounts In Final Fantasy XIV - Portly Porxie

Portly Porxie is also the type of Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV that can be collected from the tribe. It is a tiny pig-like mount that has wings, although the mount appears tiny it can even carry the bulky Hrothgar. 

The idea of the Portly proxy was stolen from the Shadow Bringers where mischievous fairies, the pixies, used to travel on it. It has the same effect of spreading the sparkes while it moves ahead.

How to Unlock Portly Porxie from Final Fantasy XIV?

To unlock Portly Porxie you have to work for the Pixie tribe and reach the reputation tier seven. After you have reached there, you can buy the mount for 18 Fae Fancies. You can also collect the Fancies by completing the quests in the game.

8. Magicked Bed

Best Mounts In Final Fantasy XIV - Magicked Bed

One of my favorite mounts in Final Fantasy XIV is the Magicked Bed. Just lie down on the bed and you will be on your way to the destination. One of the best parts of the Magicked Bed is that it is easily available. You can craft this bed in the game by the carpenters or you can also buy it from the shops.

9. Cloud Mallow

Best Mounts In Final Fantasy XIV - Cloud Mallow

Cloud Mallow is one of the round Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV, the mount takes time to unlock and can be obtained from the Moogle Tribe. But as we told you, if you want anything from the tribe, first you have to become their strong ally. 

For unlocking Cloud Mallow in Final Fantasy 14 you have to reach the reputation tier 8 with the Moogle tribe. After you have reached that level, you obtain the Cloud mallow for 2000000 Gil. Collecting these numbers of Gils might take a few weeks or even months. 

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Wrapping up 

We hope now you can easily unlock the best mounts in Final Fantasy XIV with the procedures given above. If you find this article to be useful in obtaining the best mounts then do share this article with your friends. And, if you feel that we have missed out on any of the mounts that deserve a place in this list then do write to us in the comments section.

Till then, Happy Gaming……

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