Best Moroccan Food Youtubers You Should Follow in 2021

Moroccan cuisine is considered one of the most popular kitchens in the world. If you are not a Moroccan, then you might find it hard to prepare a Moroccan dish. However, if you follow the best Moroccan food Youtubers and learn cooking from them, you’ll be able to make good Moroccan dishes.

We can easily find that French colonialism has left its mark on Moroccan recipes as it has a clear effect on Moroccan food and drinks. Many Moroccon people still do breakfast by eating bread with olive oil. Whatever the tradition is, Morocco is still considered a “paradise” for food lovers. You can also make a delicious Moroccan dish at home after watching the videos of these YouTubers.

The best Moroccan food Youtubers are Chef Rachida, Kous Kous Moroccan Bistro, and many more.

You’ll read about more Moroccan food Youtubers as you scroll down the article. All these YouTubers have a good number of subscribers as well as views on their videos.

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Best Moroccan Food Youtubers You Should Follow in 2021

Morocco is a country for food lovers as it comes to the list of best foods in the world. Most people come to Morocco with a view to taste the new Moroccan dishes.

Cuisine Amina

This YouTube channel is run by Amina who is one of the best Moroccan food YouTubers with 1.91 million subscribers. Apart from creating food content on YouTube, she also runs an Instagram account. On Instagram, she has 190K followers. Amina has uploaded lots of Moroccan recipes that you can explore by watching videos on her channel. As of now, Cuisine Amina has uploaded 988 videos with 100 million-plus views.


Alia is the owner of this channel and she is from Morocco. She loves to cook, eat, travel, and shares her passion for cooking by creating incredible food content. She has uploaded many videos in her channel’s playlist including moony recipes, Buddha bowls, Carrefour Maroc, and Eid cookies. The total number of videos on cookingwithalia is 859 while views are above 70 million. The subscribers are 391K.

Bushra’s Cuisine

Bushra’s Cuisine YouTube channel is all about teaching how to prepare simple delicious food in an easy way. She started cooking when she was very young and joined Youtube in May 2017. Now she has 38.5K subscribers which are still increasing. The total number of videos is 221 whereas the views on them are in millions.

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Chef Rachida

As the name suggests, Chef Rachida is the owner of this Youtube channel and here, she shares her cooking experience by uploading several types of recipe videos. Apart from making only Moroccan cuisine, she also prepares other types of food like French Pastry. Talking about the videos, there are just 48 videos uploaded while views on them are 20 million. The subscribers are 27.5K

Moroccan Food Tour

Moroccan Food Tour Youtube channel was started back in 2017 and the main motive of this channel creation was to tell people about Moroccan food and traditions of Morocco. The number of subscribers on this channel is 1.09K which may not be high, but the videos are still worth watching. They have shared things to do in Morocco, Bohemian kitchen, and chopstick travel.

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Kous Kous Moroccan Bistro

Moumen Nouri is the host of this Youtube channel and here, he shares authentic delicious Moroccan food recipes. He joined Youtube back in 2015 but has not remained active for the past few years. However, if we talk about the videos, there are just 14 uploaded videos and they are really helpful to tell us about Moroccan cuisine. As the creator of this channel is not active for the past few years, it resulted in a drop-down of the subscriber’s count. Now, he has just 240 subscribers but the views are more than 50K.

Tasty Morocco

Tasty Morocco is an authentic Moroccan food youtube channel where the creator shares a variety of Moroccan cuisine recipes. This channel was started in 2020 and the number of subscribers has been set hidden by the creator. The total number of videos on this channel is 91 and views on them are 35K+.

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All these are the best Moroccon food YouTubers that you can follow in 2021 to learn some new Moroccan recipes. Moroccan food is usually a mixture of Arab, Berber, Andalusian, and Mediterranean cuisine.


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