Best Mexican Food Youtubers You Should Follow in 2021

Why buy premium cooking courses when you can learn cooking on your smartphone? You just need to follow the best food YouTubers. Different countries have different cooking techniques that can be learned online. Here, we discuss the best Mexican food YouTubers that if followed, one can easily learn Mexican cooking skills.

Mexican cuisine is popularly known for its spiciness as it consists of a variety of flavors and is a blend of several cultures. It is also said that there would be no pizza if the Mexican had not prepared it. However, the only way to acquire free knowledge about Mexican cuisine is by watching the preparation of Mexican food. That’s why we mentioned the Mexican food channels.

We saw a huge list of food YouTubers and among all of them, we picked 10 as the best Mexican food YouTubers. On our first list, we have Rockin Robin Cook’s who has 265K+ subscribers. After that, there are more YouTubers like Pisuarez, Pati Jinich, Vianey, and many more.

When you go through the complete article, you’ll get full knowledge about all the Mexican food YouTubers. In order to know more about it, you should read the full article.

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Best Mexican Food Youtubers You Should Follow in 2021

We have mentioned the list of these YouTubers along with the total number of subscribers in the decreasing order. In addition, you’ll find great quality food content on all these youtube channels.

Rockin Robin Cook’s – 265K Subscribers

Robin is the owner of this Youtube channel and here, he shares Mexican cooking videos. Before youtube, he used to manage his family’s Mexican restaurant business. Robin tells that he loves to teach people the way of cooking tasty food. Rockin Robin Cook’s channel includes all kinds of recipes including gluten-free and healthy recipes. As of now, there are 613 videos on this channel with 34 million views.

Pisuarez – 165K Subscribers

Pisuarez’s youtube channel is all about Mexican street food and uploading bushcraft videos. This Youtuber is also available on Instagram with a username, pi_suarez. The main playlists on this channel are Gorditas Picosas, Mexican street food recipes, camos dororock, amazing bushcraft cooking, and street food videos. The total number of videos is 375 and the total views are 39 million.

Rick Bayless – 104K Subscribers

Rick Bayless is one of the best Mexican food YouTubers who created a channel on YouTube on 21 May 2014 and on this channel, he uploads videos about cooking delicious recipes. The main playlists on this channel are quick bites, kitchen adventures, essential salsas, quick recipes, and taco Tuesday. Talking about the videos, there are a total of 253 uploaded videos with 6 million-plus views.

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True Mexico – 96.5K Subscribers

The owner of this channel is Paul and he joined Youtube in April 2015. If you love Mexico or want to prepare some Mexican dishes at your home, then you should subscribe to this channel. Here, you’ll get videos related to Mexican street food, true Mexico travels, Mexican people & society, and Mexican life and culture. The total number of videos on this channel is 130 and views are more than 10 million views.

Pati Jinich – 67.6K Subscribers

Pati Jinich is a Youtube channel by the famous chef of the same name. On this channel, you’ll find the favorite Mexican food videos of Pati Jinich. If you browse this YouTube channel, you’ll find various playlists including Pati’s Mexican table all seasons, Pati + Avocados, and food adventures. The total videos are 249 but views on them are in millions.

5 Mexican Guys – 35.8K Subscribers

This is a Youtube channel that is mostly run by five people namely, Christian, Alonso, Gabriel, Horacio, and Moises. They all are good friends and born in Mexico. On this channel, they share videos about great Mexican food. In the recent video, they shared a review about the best-grilled tacos in Mexico City. The total no of views is 400K+ while videos are just 32.

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Mexican Made Meatless – 12.3K Subscribers

By subscribing to this channel, you’ll find vegan and vegetarian food recipes including vegan tortillas and desserts. You can learn some new skills by watching videos on this channel. Mexican Made Meatless uploads recipes in both the video and text format. There are three main playlists on this channel: Mexican Christmas recipes, Recetas en Español, and Kitchen hacks & basics. The total number of videos is 79 while views are more than 600K.

Keto Mexican Recipes – 6.64K Subscribers

It is another Mexican food channel on Youtube where the creator is on a mission to make healthy Mexican food videos so that it will help people combat several diseases. There are six playlists on this channel. Some of them are desserts, main dishes, and new Mexican keto meals. The total number of uploaded videos is 11 whereas the views are 60K.

Cooking With Vianey – 5.42K Subscribers

Cooking With Vianey is run by one of the best Mexican food YouTubers, Vianey. She has a passion for cooking and loves to create Mexican cooking videos and upload them on Youtube. You can subscribe to this channel in order to learn mouth-watering dishes. The videos on this channel are just 74 while views are in millions.

Dora’s Table – 2.53K Subscribers

As of now, there are 40 videos on this channel with 63K views. It is a Mexican food youtube channel by Dora where you can easily find healthy and delicious vegan recipes. Apart from being a Youtuber, Dora is a recipe developer and a skilled photographer.

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All these are the best Mexican food YouTubers that you should follow in 2021 in order to learn something new about Mexican food and culture.

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