10 Best Malaysian Food YouTube Channels | Diverse Malaysian Cuisines

The cuisine of a country is greatly affected by immigrants. As the immigrants bring their own culture and food along with them. This mixture of tradition and food culture can be seen in The Malaysian Cusine. We have listed the best Malaysian Food youtube channels for you.

Due to historic migrations, the colonization of the country and the geographical factors the culinary of Malasia have highly been affected. These factors have made Malaysian cuisine highly complex and diverse. To know more about Malaysian Food, follow the Malaysian Food Youtube Channels.

The best Malaysian Food Youtube Channels are

  1. Buat Orang Lapo
  2. Che Nom
  3. Limau Nipis
  4. Cooking Ah Pa
  5. Azie Kitchen
  6. Little Duck’s Kitchen
  7. Seminti Resepi
  8. Nyonya Cooking
  9. iCookAsia
  10. Kathrine Kwa.

These are the best Malaysian food youtube channels that will teach you how to cook Malaysian food with the normal ingredients available in the kitchen.

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Best Malaysian Food Youtube Channels

Malaysian Food YouTube Channels - Malaysian Cuisine
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Following is the detailed list of the best Malaysian Food Youtube channels that you must follow if you are a Malaysian food lover. 

Buat Orang Lapo

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfm4bNfwwng[/embedyt]

Buat Orang Lapo is one of the most subscribed Malaysian food youtube channels. The channel was started in 2016 and is a cooking teaching channel. This channel will teach you how to make delicious and complex Malaysian food in a very simple and easy way. 

Location: Malaysia

Subscribers: 603 K

Joined On: 16 May 2016

Views: 82,314,444

Instagram Handle: @buatoranglapo

Che Nom

Che Nom is one of the best Malaysian Food youtube channels that was started in 2013. The channel has a huge fan following in Malaysia as well as outside. The total number of subscribers has crossed the one million mark. The channel is a collection of the best Malaysian recipes and recipe reviews. The channel has been made official by youtube due to its quality content.

Location: Malaysia

Subscribers: 1.1 M

Joined On: 25 November 2013

Views: 115,926,357

Limau Nipis

Limau Nipis is a Malaysian food youtube channel that was started in 2016 and has been consistent in uploading quality content since then. The good quality content has rewarded the channel with a no. of subscribers. You can find all Malaysian food on the channel from the simple deserts to the complex Malaysian dishes. 

Location: Malaysia

Subscribers: 386 K

Joined On: 3 May 2016

Views: 41,531,417

Business Enquiry: limaunipis2016@gmail.com

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Cooking Ah Pa

Cooking Ah Pa is one of the best Malaysian Food youtube channels. The channel has told in its description “A channel not to teach you cooking, but to inspire you to more home cooking ideas. All my cooking videos are far from being perfect, but that’s exactly what reality is all about. What we have is only a simple heart wanting to cook for the family a humble meal. ” that means it is more of presenting than cooking.

Location: Malaysia

Subscribers: 178 K

Joined On: 19 October 2011

Views: 26,709,640 

Business Enquiry: limboonping@gmail.com

Azie Kitchen

Azie Kitchen is one of the most famous Malaysian food youtube channels. The kitchen channel was started on youtube in 2016. The female Youtuber has a huge fan following among Malaysian food lovers. She teaches how to make delicious and tasty Malaysian food with the simple ingredients available in every kitchen.

Subscribers: 176 K

Joined On: 14 February 2016

Views: 23,698,623

Little Duck’s Kitchen

Little Dick’s Kitchen is the video food teacher. The channel is one of the best Malaysian food youtube channels that was started in 2017 and has gathered over 256 K subscribers. The channel has many videos that will teach you how to cook complex Malaysian dishes with ease.

Location: Malaysia

Subscribers: 256 K

Joined On: 8 August 2017

Views: 40,291,191

Business Enquiry: littleduckkitchen@gmail.com

Instagram: Https://www.instagram.com/littleduckskitchen/

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Seminti Resepi

Sementi Resepi is one of the best Malaysian food youtube channels. It is a video channel that contains video tutorials for cooking. The channel was started in 2016 and has gained over 295 K subscribers till now. 

Location: Malaysia

Subscribers: 295 K

Joined On:27 January 2016

Views: 27,611,86

Business Enquiry: semintiresepi@gmail.com

Website: www.seminitresepi.com

Nyonya Cooking

 Nyonya Cooking is a community of chefs that share cooking videos from Southeast Asia. The channel uploads the cooking techniques videos and the reviews of the food. The channel was started in 2012. And has gained a total of 291 K+ subscribers.

Location: Singapore

Subscribers: 291 K

Joined On: 27 January 2012

Views: 26,776,262

Business Enquiry: support@nyonyacooking.com

Instagram: @nyonyacooking

Website: www.nyonyacooking.com


iCookAsia is one of the oldest and probably the Malaysian food youtube channel that was started in 2008. The channel was started by the Youtuber to share his mother’s best Malaysian recipes. Now the chefs from all around Asia submit their videos on the channel.

Location: Malaysia

Subscribers: 319 K

Joined On: 13 November 2008

Views: 26,776,262

Business Enquiry: partner@iccokasia.com

Instagram: @icookasia

Website: www.icookasia.com

Kathrine Kwa

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYcfAa0UmVQ[/embedyt]

Kathrine Kwa is one of the best dessert Malaysian food youtube channels that was made back in 2016. The channel has gathered above 750 K subscribers.

Location: Malaysia

Subscribers: 750 K

Joined On: 19 May 2016

Views: 128,733,198

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Now that you are aware of the best Malaysian Food Youtube channels. Subscribe to them present your family with the most beautiful Malaysian Cuisine this weekend. Do write us your reviews in the comments section.

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