Best Japanese Food Youtubers You Should Follow in 2021

In Japanese, there are many cooking methods including stir-frying, frying, boiling, steaming, and a lot more. Learning all of them can be a bit difficult but it gets easier to learn when you follow the best Japanese food Youtubers and watch their cooking recipes. 

As we know that Japan is an island country which is surrounded by the sea, a wide variety of fresh ingredients are easily accessible. But Japanese people use ingredients according to the four seasons that are spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Japanese may prepare food seasonally but after watching your desired Japanese dishes on the below-listed youtube channels, you can prepare those dishes anytime at home.

If we talk about the best Japanese food Youtuber, we chose Yuka Kinoshita as number one because he has 5.5 million-plus subscribers on his channel. Apart from him, there are other famous food YouTubers such as Ochikeron, JunsKitchen, and many more.

When you go through the full article, you’ll come to know about every Japanese food Youtuber along with the number of subscribers and overall total video views on the particular channel.

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Best Japanese Food Youtubers You Should Follow in 2021

We have listed all the Japanese YouTuber’s channel names according to the subscribers count. Some YouTubers might have low subscribers but all upload good quality food content.

Yuka Kinoshita – 5.52M Subscribers

Best Japanese Food Youtubers To Follow in 2021; Yuka Kinoshita

The real name of Yuka Kinoshita is the same as the name “Yuka Kinoshita” used on YouTube. Yuka loves to make videos about Japanese food. The major food categories include egg, rice, junk food, breakfast, seafood, deep-fried, and Ramen. Apart from creating food videos on Youtube, she is also a competitive eater. Kinoshita Yuka joined Youtube on 21 May 2014 and as of now, she has uploaded 2.1K videos on her channel. The total views on her videos have crossed the 2 billion benchmark.

Channel Link – Click here

JunsKitchen – 5.1M Subscribers

Best Japanese Food Youtubers To Follow in 2021; JunsKitchen
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This channel is being run by one of the best Japanese food YouTubers, Jun. He posts videos about Chinese cooking and culture. Jun joined Youtube in November 2021 and as of now, he has uploaded only 33 videos. However, if we talk about the subscriber count, it’s really high. The overall views on his videos are more than 3 billion.

Channel Link – Click here

Mosogourmet – 3.02M Subscribers

Best Japanese Food Youtubers To Follow in 2021; Mosogourmet
Credit: Youtube

On this channel, you’ll find amazing food content including Japanese food dishes. If you browse the channel’s playlist, you will see a variety of categories. Some of these are Apple sweets, Oddly satisfying, Pancake art challenge, Halloween Recipes, Father’s Day Recipes, Hinamatsuri Recipes, and many more. There are overall 1.5K videos on this Youtube channel with billions of views.

Channel Link – Click here

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Peaceful Cuisine – 2.39M Subscribers

Best Japanese Food Youtubers To Follow in 2021; Peaceful Cuisine
Credit: Youtube

Peaceful Cuisine is a Youtube channel by Ryoya Takashima. Here, she uploads videos of traditional Japanese food. Apart from preparing Japanese food, she also makes videos about ice cream recipes. This Youtube channel was made in July 2010 and as of now, it has over 159,728,243 views with 2.39 million subscribers.

Channel Link – Click here

Cooking With Dog – 1.56M Subscribers

Best Japanese Food Youtubers To Follow in 2021; Cooking With Dog
Credit: Youtube

On this YouTube channel, you’ll find a cute Japanese woman cooking delicious dishes with an adorable poodle. Some viewers get confused while some like it when the dog revolves around the food. If you don’t know Japanese, then you still don’t need to worry because all videos are available in English subtitles. There are mainly three food categories in this channel, hot dishes, soups, and desserts. As of now, the Cooking With Dog channel has 357 videos with 2 billion-plus views.

Channel Link – Click here

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Ochikeron – 917K Subscribers

Best Japanese Food Youtubers To Follow in 2021; Ochikeron

Ochikeron is a Japanese-based Youtuber and a mother of 2 kids. She shares easy-to-made videos of Japanese home cooking that anyone can prepare in their kitchen. Her main goal is to make everyone’s cooking easy and more exciting. Ochikeron has made many playlists out of which one is Award-Winning Recipes. If you browse her channel, you must see that playlist videos. There are a total of 849 videos uploaded on this channel and billions of views.

Channel Link – Click here

Tasty Japan – 596K Subscribers

Best Japanese Food Youtubers To Follow in 2021; Tasty Japan
Credit: Amazon

Inspired by the “Tasty” youtube channel, Tasty Japan makes videos about delicious Japanese recipes including amazing homemade bread recipes, birthday cakes, Asparagus Deviled Eggs, Cheese shortcake, Taiwan-style fried kitchen, and strawberry sugar beignets. As of now, this youtube channel has uploaded 1.4K videos that have a total view of more than 70 million.

Channel Link – Click here

Japanese Cooking 101 – 421K Subscribers

Best Japanese Food Youtubers To Follow in 2021; Japanese Cooking 101
Credit: Youtube

Japanese Cooking 101 is run by the two best Chinese food YouTubers, Noriko and Yuko. On this channel, you will get easy-to-made Japanese food recipes that can be easily prepared at home with minimum ingredients. The major playlists are Japanese Bread, Osechi Ryori, Side dish, Noodle Basics, and Sweet basics. Talking about the videos, there are a total of 302 videos with 30 million views.

Channel Link – Click here

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All these are the best Japanese food Youtubers that you can follow in 2021. You can subscribe to their channel to learn cooking skills, but make sure that in order to master any skill, you have to work hard at it.

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