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Jamaica has got a very rich history. The third-largest island country in the world, Jamaica has been under Spanish rule for many years. If talking of the original natives of Jamaica, many of them were killed and the left ones died due to the disease that spread like a pandemic in the area. The present natives of the country are the Africans who were brought to the island as slaves. 

We know that history has a great link with the food and cuisines of the place. As the traditions and lifestyle changed, Jamaican food has also evolved greatly. The natives of Jamaica use locally grown crops in their food. They eat Sea Food, Tropical fruits, and meat. The street food of Jamaica is famous for its Patties, Fried Dumplings, Salt Fish, Pastries, Bread, and Beverages. Writing these names, my mouth is full of water. Let’s get into the streets of Jamaica with the best Jamaican Food Youtube Channels to learn and have reviews of the best Jamaican dishes.

The best Jamaican Food Youtube Channels with the Number Of Subscribers 

Channel NameNo. of Subscribers
Cook Like A Jamaican181 K
Terri-Ann’s Kitchen424 K
Ras Kitchen616 K
Original Flava37.4 K
Deddy’s Kitchen159 K
Chef Ricardo Cooking962 K
Mels Kitchen Jamaica11.7 K
Whitney’s Kitchen Jamaica12.6 K

These are the most followed Jamaican Food youtube channels that will teach you how to cook Jamaican Food with the Video Tutorials available on the channels. 

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Best Jamaican Food Youtube Channel

Jamaican Food YouTube Channels - jamaican food
Source: Culture Trip

The most followed Jamaican food youtube channel have been listed below with the contact information, subscribers, and the kind of food videos they are uploading.

Cook Like a Jamaican

Cook like a Jamaican is one of the best Jamaican Food Youtube channels. The channel is categorized as the best food channel by us due to its unique style of teaching the world how to cook Jamaican food. In the channel, Grandmother Fay teaches her daughter Angela how to cook Jamaican food. The channel was started back in 2011.

Subscribers: 181 K

Joined On: 13 October 2011

Views: 14,895,733

Business Enquiry: cooklikeajamaican@gmail.com

Instagram Handle: @cooklikeajamaican

Website: cooklikeajamaican.com

Terri-Ann’s Kitchen

Terri-Ann’s Kitchen is one of the famous Jamaican Food Youtube Channels owned by a popular Jamaican Instagram Influencer. The Youtuber is a digital content creator, specializing in food. The YouTuber is a mother who loves to cook for her family and she shares the tutorial cooking classes on her youtube channel.

Subscribers: 424 K

Joined On: 31 January 2019

Views: 29,384,460

Instagram Handle: @terriannskitchen

Ras Kitchen

Ras Kitchen is the pure Jamaican Food youtube channel. Pure in the sense the YouTubers use the freshly grown fruits and vegetables in the recipes they create. The channel is run by two vloggers who along with the entertainment teach how to cook delicious Jamaican Food.

Subscribers: 616 K

Joined On: 12 July 2011

Views: 99,382,306

Business Enquiry: mattew@raskitchen.com

Instagram Handle: @raskitchentv

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Original Flava

Original Flava is one of the best Jamaican food youtube channels. The channel is run by two brothers who live in London and are up with the unique way of presenting traditional Jamaican dishes. They club the traditional dishes of Jamaica with the modern ways of cooking and post the tutorial videos on their channel that was started in 2016.

Subscribers: 37.4 K

Joined On: 11 May 2016

Views: 1,662,971

Business Enquiry: info@caradisefoods.com

Instagram Handle: @Originalflava_

Website: www.originalflava.com

Deddy’s Kitchen

Deddy’s Kitchen is one of the unique Jamaican food youtube channels that is run by the famous Jamaican chef. The chef along with her wife teaches how to make delicious Jamaican food and gives reviews about Jamaican food. The channel was started last year in 2020 and has got huge popularity in just one year.

Subscribers: 159 K

Joined On: 19 April 2020

Views: 7,832,764

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Chef Ricardo Cooking

Chef Ricardo Cooking is one of the most famous Jamaican food youtube channels that is run by the famous chef Ricardo. The chef is on a mission to promote Jamaican food. He uploads video tutorials on how to cook Jamaican food. 

Subscribers: 926 K

Joined On: 25 May 2013

Views: 120,292,698

Business Enquiry: chefcook@hotmail.co.uk

Instagram Handle: @chefricardocooking

Website: chefricard.blogspot.com

Mels Kitchen Jamaica

Mels Kitchen Jamaica is one of the best Jamaican food youtube channels that is run by a Jamaican girl. The Youtuber is a proper foodie and makes videos on the methods of how to cook Jamaican food. She started the channel in 2017 and has been uploading quality content since then.

Subscribers: 11.7 K

Joined On: 4 February 2017

Views: 1,012,906

Whitney’s Kitchen Jamaica

Whitney’s Kitchen Jamaica is one of the most famous and popular youtube channels. The channel is run by a Jamaican foodie who loves to make and share different Jamaican food recipes. The channel was started in 2019 and has crossed 12.5 K Subscribers.

Subscribers: 12.6 K

Joined On: 23 December 2019

Views: 731,349

Instagram Handle: @whitneys_kitchen_

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Now, that you are aware of the best Jamaican Food Youtube channel. Visit their youtube handle through the videos given above in the article. Learn how to make food from the famous Jamaican Chefs and give your family a surprise by presenting them the Jamaican food. Don’t forget to give us your review in the comments section.

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