Best Italian Food YouTubers You Should Follow

Youtube is packed with millions of Italian food videos. It gets hard to find the one proper Italian food vlog to follow. That’s why here, we have listed the best Italian food YouTubers that upload amazing food content every week.

Mostly, Italian food contains fresh food and vegetables. The best food in Italy is Pasta as it is loved by millions of Italians. According to a report, the average Italian person eats over 50 pounds of pasta per year. You will also get amazed by knowing that there are 600+ pasta shapes that are produced worldwide.

The best Italian food YouTubers are

  1. Cooking Italian With Joe
  2. BuonaPappa
  3. Laura in The Kitchen
  4. Orsara Recipes
  5. Vincenozo’s Plate
  6. Cooking With Napolina
  7. Gianni North Beach
  8. Lidia Bastianich

We have revealed more about these YouTubers in detail including their subscriber’s count, views, etc. To know more about it, you should read the full article.

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Best Italian Food YouTubers You Should Follow

All these food YouTubers have thousands of subscribers on their youtube channel. Apart from it, their videos also get thousands of likes from food lovers. 

Cooking Italian With Joe

Cooking Italian with Joe is a Youtube channel created by one of the best Italian food Youtubers, Joe Borio. He is a celebrity chef with 7 years of cooking experience and hosts the YouTube channel of the same name. Apart from creating cooking content, he shares travel advice and interesting stories. As of now, he has a total of 14 million-plus views on his videos. If we talk about the subscribers, then there are more than 173k people who have subscribed to his channel.


Buonapappa is a YouTube channel popularly known for uploading delicious food recipes. The creator of this channel is Barbara. She is a blogger and the mom of two children. By subscribing to the BuonaPappa channel, you’ll be able to learn Italian food cooking in an interesting way. There are 100k subscribers on this channel with 10 million views.

Laura in The Kitchen

Laura in the kitchen was started back in 2010 by Laura. She has uploaded various recipes including ice cream recipes, bread recipes by Laura Vitale, springtime favorites, easter recipe, and much more. According to her, there are hundreds of Italian food recipes that she had uploaded on her youtube channel. The number of subscribers on this channel is 3.79 million.

Orsara Recipes

If you want to prepare easy-to-make delicious Italian dishes from the comfort of your home, then I recommend you to subscribe to this channel, because here you will get Italian pasta, pizza, and meat recipes. This channel has 498k subscribers and 40 million video views.

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Vincenzo’s Plate

Subscribe to this entertaining youtube Italian food channel. Here you will get amazing food content and learn easy recipes. The total number of people who have subscribed to this channel is 473k. The videos have 40 million-plus views.

Cooking With Napolina

This is an official Napolina YouTube channel. Here, you can learn to prepare delicious dishes including pizza, pasta, and antipasti. These recipes are easy to follow. Cooking With Napolina was started back in March 2015 and as of now, there are a total of 3 million views on this channel. The total number of subscribers is 10.9k. If you want the recipes on text, you can browse the official website.

Gianni North Beach

Gianni North Beach is an Italian youtube food channel. It is run by Gianni and he shows there how to make the best Italian-American recipes including porchetta, tiramisu, potato gnocchi, etc. His cooking videos are easy to prepare and are absolutely delicious. Gianni North Beach has uploaded 79 videos as of now and has 44.7k subscribers. The total views on his video are in millions.

Lidia Bastianich

This youtube channel is run by Lidia Giuliana Matticchio Bastianich. Along with a celebrity chef, she is a television host and author. She created her own YouTube channel in June 2009. There, she uploads Italian food cooking videos on a weekly basis. 

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This was the list of best Italian food YouTubers. You can easily find them on YouTube by just entering their channel name, as shown above.

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