9+ Best Irish Food YouTube Channels | To Know The Irish Cuisine

Ireland is a great Island in the Atlantic Ocean. The Twelfth Largest island in the world is famous for its multilayered cuisine. If you have never been to Ireland or never tasted Irish food then read the Best Irish Food YouTube Channels given below.

The Irish Cusine is developed by the people of Ireland that is majorly affected by the political and geographical factors of the island over the years. The natives of the country use locally grown fruits and vegetables for the meal. Meat is also eaten and animals are reared in the farms for this purpose. The introduction of Potatoes in the late 16th century has greatly affected Irish Cuisine. We listed the best Irish Food YouTube Channels for you.

The best Irish Food YouTube channels are Barry Recipes, Neven Maguire, Hospitality For Heroes, Ballymaloe Cookery School, Evan O’ Ceallaigh, Derry Clarke, Discover Ireland, SuerValueland, Kevin Thornton, and Catherine Fulvio.

These are some of the best Irish food YouTube channels that you must follow to know the Irish Cuisine more specifically.

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Best Irish Food YouTube Channels

Best Irish Food YouTube Channels - Irish Cuisine
Source: Vegabond Tours Ireland

The best Irish Food Channels are given further in full detail with the number of subscribers, views, and the videos they have been posting.

Barry Recipes

Subscribers: 8.89 k

No. Of videos: 96

Joined On: 26 March 2019

No. Of views: 74K

Neven Maguire

Subscribers: 1.29 k

No. Of videos: 149

Joined On: 22 April 2020

No. Of views: 111K

Hospitality for Heros

Subscribers: 180

No. Of videos: 6

Joined On: 24 March 2020

No. Of views: 28K

Website: hospitalityforheroes.com

Instagram Handle: @hospitalityforheros

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Ballymaloe Cookery School

No. Of videos: 56

Joined On: 26 January 2017

No. Of views: 118K

Website: cookingisfun.ie

Instagram Handle: @BallymaloeCookerySchool

Evan O’ Ceallaigh

Subscribers: 129

No. Of videos: 36

Joined On: 21 April 2012

No. Of views: 19K

Derry Clarke

Subscribers: 129

No. Of videos: 36

Joined On: 01 July 2011

No. Of views: 9K

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Discover Ireland

Subscribers: 48.2 K

Joined On: 17 June 2008

No. Of views: 842M

Instagram Handle: @tourismireland

Kevin Thornton

Subscribers: 382

Joined On: 21 January 2010

No. Of views: 81K

Catherine Fulvio

Subscribers: 469

Joined On: 13 December 2013

No. Of views: 12K

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These are the best Irish food YouTube channels available on YouTube right now. Now that you have an idea about what kind of videos you will find on these channels. Pick up the channel that suits you the best and explore the Irish world. Don’t forget to give us your reviews in the comments section.

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