10 Best Infrared Camera Apps (Android/iPhone) | Be The Night Owls!!

Not just the superheroes but humans too can see things in the dark!! Thanks to advanced technology, there are so many night vision apps that allow us to be night owls!! If you have always been fascinated with exploring the dark side, then this post is purely for you!! If you want to prank your friends or wish to capture night views, then check out the best infrared camera apps!!

Ever wondered how infrared cameras work? The camera is specifically designed to catch thermal heat to detect things in the dark. Do infrared cameras work at night only? No, they work in any light situation!! Isn’t it the time to explore the best cameras and apps??

To meet your strong urge to use the best infrared camera apps here is a ready list of the top picked apps. You don’t have to carry a whole heavy camera to capture what comes in the dark when you have these amazing apps and tools on your phone.

Capture some incredible moments that might be hidden from people!! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose the best app for you!!

Best Infrared Camera Apps

Add the thermal camera effect to your photos or click thermographic live images using these apps!! Check out the list now!!

1. Thermal Camera Simulated

Thermal Camera Simulated
Image Credits: androidcrew.com

Its been 2 years since this night vision app was introduced and has already taken the top position in the list of best-infrared camera apps!!se

Both iPhone and Android users can use this amazing application!! The features offered by this app are pretty impressive.

You can prank your friends using this app. Although this mobile camera app comes in a small size of only 3.4 MB, when it comes to performance, it shows high-resolution results!!

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2. Thermal Camera FX

Thermal Camera FX
Image Credits: apkpure.com

Unlike other infrared camera apps, Thermal Camera FX doesn’t catch infra-red rays, instead, it provides you with a shaded infrared effect!!

You can shoot a video, click pictures or make GIFS using this app. It will give your clicks the perfect night vision effect that looks so real!

3. Seek Thermal

Seek Thermal
Image Credits: cnet.com

Another one of the best infrared camera apps for android and iPhone is Seek Thermal. You get the best experience using the Seek Thermal app as it visualizes thermal energy precisely!!

To your surprise, this app has been declared as the best product in the market by This Old House, and Popular Science. The popularity of this night vision app is global!!

You can easily detect, measure, visualize and inspect thermal energy around. Whenever our on a night walk, just turn on this camera and see the difference!!

4. Thermal Night Vision

Thermal Night Vision
Image Credits: theverge.com

Thermal Night Vision is another best recommended infrared camera app that helps you transform your normal camera into a high-resolution thermal sensing device!!

It shows the best real-time generated views. It uses a hi-tech algorithm to detect color gradient mapping!!

This app matches the quality of a hardware thermal camera, which makes it one of the best infrared camera apps for android and iOS users!!

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5. Thermal Scanner Camera VR

Thermal Scanner Camera VR
Image Credits: Google Play

Zoom, change effects, or do any other adjustments in your image quality, using this amazing infrared Thermal Scanner Camera app!!

Try some super cool features available with this app like the color gradient, zoom, saturation, etc. This app is, particularly for android users!!

6. Thermal Camera & Flashlight

Thermal Camera & Flashlight
Image Credits: protoolsreview.com

Get a clear view on your camera even when in dark using this amazing thermal camera & flashlight app!!

It transforms images using Blue orange and High contrast filters. You also get a flashlight feature in this app to get better infrared images!!

What makes this app the most loved one is that you get everything in one tool!! But again this app is only for android users!!

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7. Thermal Night Vision Camera Effect Simulated

Thermal Night Vision Camera Effect Simulated
Image Credits: appslike.com

Thermal Night Vision Camera effect simulated app is a wonderful thermal projection app that provides you with the best color filter!!

You just need to press one button to turn on the thermal vision on the app!! It works for both photos and videos to provide you the infrared benefits!!

8. Thermal Night Vision 

Thermal Night Vision 
Image Credits: finehomebuilding.com

The Thermal Night Vision app uses your normal phone camera to give out better-infrared images with excellent image quality! 

The app comes with a brightness booster that makes your image look even more natural!! You can enjoy a live camera view, adjust light sensitivity, apply a flashlight and change the brightness as well. 

The best part about this app is that you can post the pictures clicked via the infrared camera directly on social media. Again, this app is only for android users!!

9. VR Thermal And Night Vision Camera 

VR Thermal And Night Vision Camera 
Image Credits: steprime.com

Want to travel to a different world? Well, VR Thermal And Night Vision Camera is here to make your wish come true!!

This is the best thermographic app that helps you to have fun with your family members by playing pranks with them!!

This camera app generates hardware thermal views that look supernatural!! In short, this night vision camera app is a treat for android users!!

10. Thermal Camera VVR Simulated

Thermal Camera VVR Simulated app
Image Credits: venostech.com

A must-have app that allows you to explore the infrared spectrum using high-quality thermal effects is this Thermal Camera VVR simulated app!!

You can enjoy a wide variety of features like tonal mapping, multiple thermal effects. Get the best night view!! Try this app now!!

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Wrapping Up:

These are the top ten best infrared camera apps that you can use to get the A-one quality images even in the dark!!

Tell us which app suited you the best. Dropdown your queries and suggestions in the comments section below!!

Stay tuned for more amazing apps and tools!! Until next time Happy Snapping!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Best Thermal Imaging Camera Apps:

Q. Can A Cell Phone Camera See The Infrared?

Yes, a cell phone camera can easily spot infrared rays, as it is more sensitive than human eyes!! What is invisible to human eyes is visible to cell phone cameras!!

Q. How Can You Turn Your Normal Camera Into an Infrared Camera?

You can turn your normal camera into an infrared camera by using a filter that blocks visible light instead of IR blocking filter.

Featured Image Credits: CNET

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