Best Indian Lifestyle Youtube Channels You Should Follow Right Now

You can improve your lifestyle by following successful persons. Here, we are talking about some YouTubers who have become successful in their life just by starting a lifestyle blog. You should also follow their best Indian lifestyle Youtube channels in order to know what they do.

Whether we talk about the beauty community, gaming community, the health community, etc, every Youtuber has grown in their field. But there are some people who share videos just to get views and earn income while some real YouTubers upload genuine content. The list of channels we are going to disclose in the article has been run by the most popular Indian lifestyle YouTubers that create worth watching content.

From a list of hundreds of lifestyle YouTubers, we chose only 10 as The best Indian lifestyle YouTubers. Three of them are Shruti Arjun Anand, Ankita Chaturvedi, and Shreya Jain.

When you go through the full article, you’ll get complete information about these YouTubers along with their date of joining Youtube.

Best Indian Lifestyle Youtube Channels You Should Follow in 2021

The below-mentioned list shows the list of lifestyle creators with the number of subscribers and total views count they have on their youtube channel.

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Shruti Arjun Anand – 8.97M Subscribers


Shruti is the owner of this channel and she created this Youtube channel of the same name in 2010. However, the channel is managed by SpiceUp media. Here, Shruti uploads lifestyle content including fashion and family comedy to entertain her audience. You’ll find playlists such as skincare, makeup, haircare, etc. The total number of uploaded videos is just 360 whereas views on them are in billions.

Ankita Chaturvedi – 734K Subscribers


Ankita is an engineer-turned lifestyle blogger from Mumbai but currently living in Manchester. She has done B.Tech from IIT-Bombay. Apart from academics, Ankita is a trained makeup artist as well as a successful influencer. On her Youtube channel, there are 668 videos uploaded and views are more than 100 million.

Shreya Jain – 673K Subscribers


If you want to learn about beauty, skincare, DIY, etc, then I recommend you to subscribe to this channel because here you’ll get every information about lifestyle. The main playlists on the Shreya Jain Youtube channel are affordable makeup, brides of India, DIY, and All about Nykaa. Talking about the total videos and views, there are 1.4K uploaded videos with 140 million views.

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Jovita George – 629K Subscribers


This Youtube channel is all about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. If you browse to this channel, you’ll find various playlists including art tutorials, vlogs, Valentine’s day with Mr. JovitaGeorge, hairstyle, skincare, relationship, and travel videos. The total number of views on this channel is more than 60 million while videos are just 654.

Discover Fashion Corner – 314K Subscribers


Discover Fashion Corner is one of the best Indian lifestyle Youtube channels where you get valuable tips and tricks related to fashion, beauty, hairstyles, gold jewelry designs, cosmetics, clothing, costumes, and much more. Talking about the channel views, there are millions of views but videos are just 75.

Debasree Banerjee – 260K Subscribers


Debasree is the owner of this Youtube channel. Here, she makes amazing lifestyle video content. She not only uploads videos but also tries to answer all the skincare queries that her audience asks. Debasree has created many playlists on her channel. One of the best is “The Unspoken Beauty Series”. There are a total of 701 uploaded videos while views are 46 million-plus.

Fashion Trends by Preeti Tomar – 251K Subscribers


If you want to know what’s the latest fashion trend going on, then you must follow this channel. Here, the creator shares Indian wear styling tips, designing ideas for various types of suits like palazzo, Anarkali, lehengas, ethnic gowns, etc. The total number of videos is 496 and views are 1 million.

Fathima Fashions – 143K Subscribers


This channel was created in January 2014 by Fathima who shares valuable lifestyle content including unique fashion stuff and the latest trends. The popular playlists are old cloth reuse, 20 saree kuchu designs, and saree kuchu tricks. The total number of videos uploaded on Fathima Fashions is 296 whereas views are 25 million.

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KomalJi – 116K Subscribers


It is one of the best Indian lifestyle Youtube channels which was created by Komal in December 2011. She is a professional beauty Youtuber who earns most of her income by uploading video content on Youtube. As of now, there are 685 lifestyle videos uploaded on this channel with 10 million views.

Indian fashion – 30.8K Subscribers


Indian Fashion youtube channel was started on Youtube in March 2020 and here, the creator shares different saree draping tutorials for not only Indians but also for people of other countries. The total number of videos on this channel is just 46 whereas views are over 4 million.


All these are the best Indian lifestyle YouTube channels that you should follow in 2021. Most of them are related to fashion while some are related to health and fitness.

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