Best Greek Food Youtubers You Should Follow Right Now

Greek Food is better known for its taste and simplicity. Watching the preparation of Greek Food might seem easy but it’s harder than you think. If you love Greek food or want to prepare it yourself, then you should follow the best Greek Food Youtubers.

Greek Food is considered the finest food in the world as most Greece people ate only vegetarian food. There are a small number of farmers in Greece who produce fruits, nuts, grains, and other eatables organically. You can also learn to prepare Greek dishes by watching the best food videos on Youtube.

The best Greek Food Youtubers are

  1. Dimitra’s Dishes
  2. Greek Cooking By Katerina
  3. Greek Cooking Made Easy
  4. Ken Panagopoulos
  5. Vasias Crazy Kitchen
  6. Greek Vegan
  7. Akis Petretzikis

You’ll know more about these food vlogs as you scroll down because we have disclosed about each Youtuber’s channel subscribers, total views, and more.

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Best Greek Food Youtubers To Follow

New food videos get uploaded weekly on these youtube channels. By following these channels, you’ll be able to learn new recipe tricks.

Dimitra’s Dishes

This channel is run by one of the best Greek food YouTubers, Dimitra who is a passionate cook and loves to make videos about cooking. She has years of cooking experience and has learned many tips and tricks. If you also love Greek food or want to prepare it at your home, then you must subscribe to Dimitra’s Dishes channel. She shows how to make delicious dishes that can be easily prepared from the comfort of your home. Dimitra’s Dishes has 146k subscribers and 16 million views on her videos.

Greek Cooking By Katerina

This YouTube channel was created by Katerina on 12 October 2012. According to her, the online channel was created because she wanted to tell her friends living abroad how to cook tasty food whenever they miss it. If you see her videos, you’ll know that cooking is easy and fun. She makes simple videos so that anyone can prepare Greek food in their home. Greek Cooking By Katerina has a total of 6 million views with 50.6k subscribers.

Greek Cooking Made Easy

Greek Cooking Made Easy is a Youtube channel that may have only 8.65k subscribers and million views but the content here is really helpful. You’ll be able to learn new cooking skills just by watching videos at home. This YouTube channel has recipe videos that are simplified and can be prepared with a minimum amount of ingredients. The recipes shown here are healthy to eat and require the least possible effort. You can also visit the official website of this Youtube channel of the same name, 

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Ken Panagopoulos

Ken Panagopoulos is one of the best Greek food YouTubers and he owns a Youtube channel of the same name. He is fond of both eating and cooking. Ken loves to prepare traditional Greek food. The cooking videos he uploads on his YouTube channel show you step-by-step guides and easy-to-make recipes. There are overall 1 million-plus views on his videos. The total number of subscribers is 25.6k.

Vasias Crazy Kitchen

Vasias Crazy Kitchen is a Greek food youtube channel where you’ll get videos related to cooking tips and tricks. By subscribing to this channel, you’ll be able to learn new recipes. According to Vasias Crazy Kitchen, they will always tell you the true facts related to Greek food. They also recommend top products which will help you in making good food. There are 42k subscribers on this YouTube channel and hundreds of videos with 6 million total views on all of them.

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Greek Vegan

As the name suggests, this YouTube channel is all about traditional Greek vegan recipes. The channel was started back in 2015 but for the past year, we see no new videos. However, the uploaded videos are still helping a lot of people preparing healthy vegan food. By subscribing to this channel, you’ll be able to learn and get new delicious recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As of now, there are 3.84k subscribers and 200k plus views on the videos.

Akis Petretzikis

This youtube channel is run by Georgios Evlampios Petretzikis who is one of the best Greek food YouTubers. He continued managing his family business when he was 16 years old. Now, he is a celebrity chef with millions of followers. He created the YouTube channel in May 2015 and as of now, there are 900k+ subscribers with 36 million total views on his uploaded videos.

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All these are the best Geek food YouTubers. All the recipe videos available on these channels are entertaining and are worth watching even in 2021.

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