8 Best German Food Youtube Channel To Cook German Food

Germany is not only famous for Hitler. German food is considered one of the most delicious and yummiest foods in the world. If you have never been to Germany the best way to visit the street food of Germany is through the German food Youtube Channels.

The German cuisine has greatly been affected by the surrounding regions of the country. The people of the country depend upon the locally and regionally grown fruits and vegetables in the food. The people also consume meat and the most demanded meat is pork, poultry, and beef rest are considered insignificant. Team Sportingibay has listed the best German youtube food channels for you.

The best German Food youtube channels are German Cooking, German Freak ASMR, German Recipes by All Tastes German, German Recipes, Food Wishes, Thomas Kocht, My German Recipes, and My Best German Recipes.

These German food Youtube channels will take you to the streets of Germany and will also teach you how to make delicious German food at home.

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Best German Food Youtube Channels

Given below in the article are the best german food youtube channels with the no of subscribers, views, and dates they were made on. 

German Cooking

German Cooking is a german food youtube channel that is run from New Zealand but the channel teaches how to cook typical German dishes and recipes. The YouTuber makes videos on traditional and modern german dishes. The range of the dishes varies from bread to dumplings.

Subscribers: 1.78 K

Joined On: 24 Feb 2015

Views: 154,961

Business Enquiry: mr.kristen@hotmail.com

German Freak ASMR

German Freak ASMR is an ASMR german food Youtube channel. The YouTuber who runs the channel refers to himself as the German freak ASMR. He makes the ASMR videos for relaxation purposes and the in the description section of youtube he has told that he wants to build an ASMR community.

Location: Germany

Joined On: 21 Apr 2017

Views: 6,976,519

Business Enquiry: hello@german-freak-asmr.com

German Recipes by All Tastes German

German Recipes by All Tastes German is one of the best german food youtube channels. The Youtuber teaches how to make modern, traditional, and authentic German dishes. The videos on how to make special german cakes can also be found on the channel. We know Germany is famous for the bread, don’t miss out on the special bread recipes by the channel.

Subscribers: 17.1 K

Location: United States

Joined On: 10 Jul 2017

Views: 1,046,633

Business Enquiry: contact@alltastesgerman.com

Website: alltastesgerman.com

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German Recipes

German Recipes is one of the best German food youtube channels. The channel teaches how to make delicious German food. The unique way of representing the cooking recipes makes it unique. The cooks come live on youtube and you can cook along with them, following the instructions.

Subscribers: 25.5 K

Location: Germany

Joined On: 19 Sept 2017

Views: 1,168,072

Food Wishes

Food wishes are one of the most subscribed german food youtube channel with almost 3.92 M subscribers. The channel is run by Chef Jhon. The chef mostly posts his videos on Tuesdays and Fridays. He has been running the channel since 2007 and posted a lot of videos to date. The no of views to dates on his channels is 838,846,717.

Subscribers: 3.92 M

Joined On: 16 Jan 2007

Views: 838,846,717

Website: foodwishes.blogspot.com

Thomas Kocht

German Food Youtube Channels - Thomas Kocht
Source: Thomas Kocht

Thomas Kocht is a famous chef and german food YouTuber who runs the channel Thomas Kocht. The Youtuber travels around the world and makes youtube food videos. He is fond of german food and makes videos mainly on german food. He started the german food youtube channel in 2015 and has got a total of 39,791,158 to date. 

Subscribers: 308 K

Location: Germany

Joined On: 28 Sept 2015


Instagram Handle: @thomas.kocht

Website: www.privatkoch-hamburg.de

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My German Recipes

My German Recipes is one of the best German Food Youtube channels that is founded by a german Living in the United States. The YouTuber told in the description section of youtube that he is fond of the traditional food that pumped him to start this famous german food youtube channel. He wants to tell the world that it is easy to make german food.

Subscribers: 28.9 K

Location: United States

Joined On: 1 Feb 2016

Views: 1,677,105

Business Enquiry: mail@mygerman.recipes

Website: mygerman.recipes

Instagram Handle: @mygermanrecipes

My Best German Recipes

My Best german recipes are one of the best german food youtube channels that was started just two years back in 2019. The YouTuber also has a personal blog that has blogs about how to cook authentic and traditional German recipes. The youtube channel is operated from the United States and has a total of 31videos on the channel but more the 600 recipes on the personal blog.

Subscribers: 832

Location: United States

Joined On: 23 Jul 2019

Views: 31,585

Website: Mybestgermanrecipes.com

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These were some of the best german food youtube channels, with the best recipe and reviews. You can learn how to cook delicious german food from these channels and surprise your family by offering them a german dinner in German style. Do write your reviews in the comments section.

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