5 Best Driving Simulation Games for iOS to Play in 2021

If you are looking for the best driving simulation games for your apple smartphone, then you have come to the right place. Here, we have made a list of the 5 Best Driving Simulation Games for iOS that you can play in 2021. All these games are highly rated and have got the best reviews so far.

Apart from this, each of the game has more than 1 million downloads and are easily available for download on Google play store.

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List of 5 Best Driving Simulation Games for iOS in 2021

1. Extreme Car Driving Simulator

5 Best Driving Simulation Games for iOS in 2021
Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Developer – AxesInMotion

About this Game

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is one of the best sports car driving simulator games where you can explore a detailed open world environment. You can drive a sports car, do drifting and feel like driving a real racing sports car.

There are no limits in this game, you can go anywhere you want without using brakes, perform illegal stunt actions, and drive your vehicle at max speed without the police chasing you.

The new update of the game features mini check-point mode, drive with traffic, full real HUD including revs, gear and speed.

The graphics are also cool as it shows realistic car damage, accelerometer and arrows. Extreme Car Driving Simulator has over 30 million downloads on the app store.

2. RoundAbout 2: City Driving Sim

5 Best Driving Simulation Games for iOS in 2021
RoundAbout 2

Developer – Play With Games

About this Game

This is a game for genuine vehicle lovers. It lets you experience real car driving. There are a variety of cars available in this game including sports cars and a police van. You can unlock each of them by completing daily challenges and missions.

This game features realistic traffic and weather. You drive around the tracks that are specially designed to look as realistic as possible. While driving through the tracks, you will face a lot of challenges that you have to clear. The streets in the city are bustled with traffic and give the surroundings a real sense of place.

In addition, there are 13 Unique and different vehicles that you can customise according to your own choice. Also, there’s an option to customize controls like Buttons, wheel, or Tilt controls.

The game is available on both the App Store and Google play store and is exclusively free to download.

3. Emergency Driver: City Hero

5 Best Driving Simulation Games for iOS in 2021
Emergency Driver: City Hero

Developer – Play With Games Ltd.

About this Game

You get the task to join the elite force to keep the city safe and neat and clean. Make sure that the citizens are also comfortable. Clean the dirty streets and put down fires. You engage in various activities like chasing high-octane and much more. 

Emergency Driver features 15 different types of vehicles so that you won’t get bored quickly. Some of the vehicles are fast police cars, 4x4s, a delivery van, etc. There are a big city and various locations where you can drive.

There are multiple jobs that you can take such as policeman, a firefighter or a garbage truck driver.

A total of 75 missions are there in this game. You can get additional rewards in the game by completing the daily missions and tasks.

Emergency Driver: City Hero is available on both Apple and Android app stores. However, this game has a 4.4-star rating on the iOS store.

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4. Driving School 2017

5 Best Driving Simulation Games for iOS in 2021
Driving School 2017

Developer – Alexandru Marusac

About this Game

Driving School 2017 is the best Driving Simulation game that will teach you to drive various cars. It features amazing weather conditions and awesome environments like cities, country roads, mountains, and highways. 

You will be learning to drive a car with manual transmission. A virtual steering wheel, tilt, buttons and many more options are available in the game that you can customise accordingly.

There are 80+ levels and 100 vehicles in Driving School 2017. You can unlock each level by completing missions one by one.

The graphics quality of this game is pretty cool. Apart from all these, there is real engine sound, next-gen weather conditions, free ride mode, a realistic damage system and much more.

Driving School 2017 has a 4.0+ star rating on the app store and is available to download for free of cost.

5. Real Car Parking: Park Master

5 Best Driving Simulation Games for iOS in 2021
Real Car Parking Master

Developer – Kadir Danisman

About this Game

It is a driving simulation game that will take you to another level by giving you a realistic car driving experience.

Playing this game will enable you to test your driving skills with a lot of features such as realistic sound effects and better interior view. You’ll be exploring various cities in different types of cars like Sedan, SUVs, Hatchbacks and Sportscars. Also, you can create your dream cars by customising them in garages according to your own choice.

The game features parking signs that will help you to park your vehicle in the parking zone without any accident. There are 5 different modes with 60 plus levels. These 5 modes are:

  1. Free mode
  2. Beginner mode
  3. Time mode
  4. Expert mode
  5. Drift mode

You can drive your car in the city without any limitations in the free mode.

Real Car Parking: Park Master is one of the 5 best driving simulation games that are available on both Android and iPhone mobiles. However, this game has an overall 4.0+ rating on the iOS store.

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Best Driving Simulation Games for iOS and Android to play Youtube Video

Conclusion on 5 Best Driving Simulation Games for iOS

All these games, mentioned above, come with high-quality graphics and the best part is that each of the games can run smoothly on almost every iPhone. In addition, all the 5 Best Driving Driving Simulation games are easily available on the iOS store and you can download each one absolutely free.

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