7 Best Driving Simulation Games for Android That You Can Play in 2021

It doesn’t matter whether you are a kid or an adult, everyone loves to play video games. We can reduce our stress in difficult times by playing games on our mobiles. Nowadays, most people have mobiles that are Android-based.

When we want to play games and search it on the Google Play store, we find a lot of other options there which makes us confused. To get rid of this, we have gathered a list of some best driving Simulation games for Android users that you can play in 2021.

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List of 7 Best Driving Simulation Games for Android in 2021

1. City Bus Driving Simulator: Bus Games 2020

Best Driving Simulation Games for Android in 2021
Source: Google play store

Developer – 360 Pixel Studio

About this game

This game offers you a chance to drive City Bus Coaches through various roads such as mountains and plains and through different environments. In City Bus Driving Simulator, there are a lot of luxury buses available. You just need to select your desired bus and start the bus engine to show your City Bus driving skills.

In this City Bus Driving Simulator game, you have to drive the City Coach Bus and transport passengers from one terminal to another bus terminal with perfection.

There are a lot of entertaining levels to play with better graphics quality.

City Bus Driving Simulator has more than 1 million downloads on the play store with a 4.0-star rating out of 5.

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2. New Taxi Simulator – 3D Car Simulator Games 2020

Best Driving Simulation Games for Android
Source: Google Play Store

Developer – Gamers DEN

About this Game

In the third category of best driving simulation games for Android, we picked up the New Taxi Simulator where you drive a taxi as a driver and taxi captain to pick up and drop passengers in a real taxi sim.

The game comes with four modes of taxi drive where you feel the zeal of thrill parking, drifting, racing car and adventures of picking passengers and dropping them at their location. You will be driving a taxi in the mountains where you will face different weather conditions that include snow and rain.

This game offers you extremely realistic graphics with realistic traffic behavior. It is a physics-based taxi driver game.

New Taxi Simulator has over 1 million downloads on the play store with an overall 3.9-star rating out of 5.

3. Car Simulator 2

Best Driving Simulation Games for Android
Source: Google play store

Developer – Oppana Games

About this Game

Car Simulator 2 is a real physics engine game where amazing gameplay awaits you. You drive vehicles in an open world and explore over 35 new cars. 

Here, you play online with real players from all over the world, win, and earn currency that will help you to unlock new cars, upgrades, garages, and a house.

This game features online and single-player modes and an open 3D world. You will be getting daily bonuses and quests. It has great graphics quality with amazing sound effects.

There are total 10 million plus downloads of this game on play store with 4.4 star rating.

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4. Fanatical Car Driving Simulator

Best Driving Simulation Games for Android
Source: Google play store

Developer – Words Mobile

About this Game

One of the best driving simulation games for Android is Fanatical Car Driving Simulator. You can download this game for free and can play it on almost every smartphone whether it has low-end or high-end specifications.

It is one of the best endless racing game that takes you to a high level of smooth driving Simulations and high traffic quality. You have the option to choose from a huge range of cars, from urban hatchbacks to luxury business sedans and powerful sports cars designed for free racing.

Fanatical Car Driving Simulator features smooth and realistic car handling, a 3D cockpit view and a third-person camera view, and various cars with the ability to customize colors and upgrade. In addition, there are no fuel or time limits.

This game has more than 5 million downloads on the Google play store with 4.1-star rating.

5. Mobile Bus Simulator

Best Driving Simulation Games for Android
Source: Google play store

Developer – LOCOS

About this Game

Mobile Bus Simulator gives you the feeling of driving a real bus. Transport passengers from one city terminal through different amazing places and landscapes. 

You have to follow the traffic rules while you transport passengers from one location to another.

There are a lot of customization options available that will help you to customize horns, bumpers, and much more. 

Mobile Bus Simulator features extreme graphics quality with a realistic bus driving experience. There are awesome weather conditions, detailed bus interiors, intelligent AI and traffic systems, and realistic bus sound effects.

This game has over 10 million downloads with 4.1-star rating.

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6. Drive Simulator 2020

Best Driving Simulation Games for Android
Source: Google play store

Developer – DualCarbon

About this Game

This game enables you to run your own construction and transport company in a large detailed environment. It is packed with a variety of objectives ranging from construction jobs to transport and recovery. 

Here, you will drive a range of different sized vehicles, construct small and large bridges, buildings, roads and other cool structures. Handle big cranes and machines with care, deliver small and big cargo, and recover broken down vehicles.

There are seven different modes to complete easy and tough jobs. You’ll get rewarded for completing each mission.

Drive Simulator 2020 has a dynamic AI and traffic lights system, a variety of trucks, trailers and construction vehicles, and has superb graphics.

As of now, this game has a 1 million-plus download on the Google play store with a 4.2-star rating.

7. Truck Simulator off-road 4

Best Driving Simulation Games for Android
Source: Google play store

Developer – Russian Chetveriok

About this Game

Truck Simulator has come again with improved graphics quality and improved physic engine to give you the most extreme off-road truck game experience.

In this game, you can drive the trucks to the exciting routes, enjoy an awesome environment, feel living nature, cross deadly rivers and save stuck vehicles from swamps.

This game features real truck engine sounds, a modern physic engine, 1080p realistic textures and high-end graphics. In addition, it has Stereo Sound Support for headphone players.

Truck Simulator off-road 4 has 10 million-plus downloads on the Google play store with a 4.3-star rating.

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Conclusion on Best Driving Simulation Games for Android in 2021

If you are a game lover, then you will definitely love to play these above-mentioned Vehicle Simulation games. All these games are easily available on the Google play store and you can download each of them for free.

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