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Life is a documentary that has a new story waiting for us at every next chapter. Who knows what is going to happen next? Wondering why I am sharing all these things? Because that’s what life is, a flickering documentary!!!

Talking about real life, there are thousands of art pieces, unknown facts, undiscovered areas, their belongings, the captured realities, non-fictional movies, and an endless list that most of us are surely unaware of. The question that arises here is how to know about these documentaries all in one place? Relax!! I’ll not suggest you go and dig the mines or take an underwater dive. YouTube is the ticket to explore all these. How? You just have to search for the best documentary channels and fuel your mind with amazing world facts. 

To make your search easier we have lined up the list for best Documentary YouTube Channels down here. Vice, National Geographic, BBC News, Real Stories, The Guardian, Time, and a few more are in the queue. 

Get to know about the culture, know every part of the planets, bizarre stories, feel the thrill, get lost in the adventure, meet world-class scientists, filmmakers, scientists, global news, and infinite storytellers bringing out the best and showcasing the beauty of the globe through their YouTube channels.

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Best Documentary YouTube Channels

All these channels listed below are the top Documentary YouTube Channels with separate niches and motives to reach the masses. Choose any genre and watch these life-changing people on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Vice – 14.1 Million Subscribers


Welcome to Vice!! Discover the unexpected and explore every possible thing about different cultures, planets, art, fashion, crime, parties, the internet, world news, and other data that you never knew existed. This channel was started on 16th December 2005 and has over 3 Billion views on its videos till now. 

Recent videos to watch on the channel are The Cowboys of the Middle East(100K views), Inside the Deadly Waco Siege Negotiations( 241K views), Inside Paris’ Illegal Squats(308K views), The dark side of being an Escort(397K views), etc.

National Geographic – 17.3 Million Subscribers


Remember watching History TV and the National Geographic channel on television? We all did this, right? Now the same thrill, adventure stories, vast species, and the land and water resources can be seen on the small screen as well. You can watch all these on YouTube. The channel has more than 9500 videos till now. The channel was started on 7th May 2006 and has over 4 Billion views on the videos till now.

This is a world-class destination for adventure, filmmakers, scientists, inventions, science, and photographers. Recent uploads on the channel are The rich culture of Nelson Tasman(50K views), The first wave tease(61K views), Exploring the bay of plenty(36K views), etc.

BBC News – 9.56 Million Subscribers


With over 13,501 videos uploaded on the channel, this is one of the best Documentary YouTube channels. The channel was started on 8th April 2006 and has more than 2 Billion views on the videos till now. Get to know the latest world news, find out what’s happening across the globe, and an unbiased presentation of the world’s happenings. Get to know what happens behind the shoot scenes and news from the most trusted sources.

The channel is operated and maintained by BBC Global News Ltd. Recent news videos on the channel are George Floyd died from lack of oxygen, not fentanyl(11K views), One year since the end of lockdown in Wuhan, China(27K views), Petrol bombs throw in Belfast as Northern Ireland(202K views), etc.

Real Stories – 4.22 Million Subscribers


This channel has more than 846 videos till now. This channel was started on 16th February 2015 and has crossed 70 Million views on its uploaded videos. Here you will find the best award-winning real-life stories, compelling stories. The channel crossed over 4.22 Million subscribers recently.

Recent uploads on the channel are Orthodox Hoarders of New York(40K Views), What Really Killed Michael Jackson? (367K views), The boys joined at the head(38K views), etc.

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The Guardian – 1.6 Million Subscribers


This channel has more than 6915 videos till now. Do you know what is the inside story of vaccine receivers? Or why are we all attracted to conspiracy theories? Why do we believe anything? In this channel, all your related doubts will be cleared. You will get a broader vision to look at everything.

The channel was started on 15th February 2006 and has crossed over 50 Million videos on its uploaded videos. The Guardian provides you information about recent world happenings, current global issues, best-covered documentaries, and much more. This channel is free from any kind of commercial or political influence.

Journeyman Pictures – 1.8 Million Subscribers


With over 8178 uploads on the channel and over 1.8 Million subscribers till now, this is one of the best Documentary Youtube Channels on the internet. The channel was started on 22nd March 2007 and has crossed over 70 Million views on its videos. Here you will find the most burning issues in the world today, provocative and incisive facts, powerful films. With the best journalism covering ground covers, and a breathtaking variety of topics.

Recent videos on the channel are Assassins of Iraq (trailer), Farmers in China are finding new ways to reach customers(5k views), The economy in New Bedford is changing as wind Turbine(2.2K views), etc.

Timeline – World History Documentaries – 2.66 Million Subscribers


This channel was started on 17th January 2017 and has crossed over 4 Million views on its uploads. This is a world history channel where you can find anything and everything related to ancient lives. Get a deeper knowledge about current affairs, watch people travel to distinct lands, and cover the land stories, complexities of life, and ancient documentaries.

Recently uploaded videos on the channel are Sex as a cultural battleground(97K views), Columbia: An airlift against Covid-19(14K views), What makes a child smart? (96K views), Maldives fighting back the tides of trash(204K views), etc.

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Hope you loved exploring the unrevealed facts about the world. All these documentary YouTube channels are working hard to provide the best and the most valid information. Now you can get the latest updates and world news on the screen of your smartphones sitting anywhere. Stayed updated !! Stay active!

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