Best Chinese Travel Youtube Channels You Should Follow in 2021

You might be feeling low in your home during this global pandemic. But now, you don’t need to worry because here, we have listed the best Chinese travel Youtube channels that will take you around the world if you watch travel videos on those channels.

Nowadays, most people think that the trend of podcasts is increasing. But when it comes to traveling, videos are much better as it allows the viewers to see the places and capture moments. There might be a lot of travel videos on Youtube, but the list of Chinese travel Youtube channels we have mentioned have uploaded great content related to travel.

The best Chinese travel Youtube channels are Blondie in China(with 193K Subscribers), Miriam Follin(57.2K Subscribers), China Food Nomad(5.28K Subscribers), 2.5 Travellers(2.23K Subscribers), and China Outbound Travel Pulse(179 Subscribers).

Apart from these four, there are six more travel Youtubers that you will gradually know about them by going through the full article.

Best Chinese Travel Youtube Channels You Should Follow in 2021

We have mentioned each Youtubers subscriber count, their day of joining Youtube, the total number of views on their channel, and the number of uploaded videos.

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Blondie in China – 193K Subscribers 


Blondie in China is the name of a YouTube channel created by Amy who is from Australia. Amy is a proffered tourist and she created this channel in 2017 in order to share the crazy adventurous videos of traveling on the internet as she has been traveling around China for the past 5 years. Blondie in China also has an official Instagram page with 23.3K followers. Talking about the uploaded videos on YouTube by Blondie in China, there are a total of 160 videos and views are more than 17 million. For any business inquiries, you can contact Amy at

Miriam Follin – 57.2K Subscribers


Miriam Follin is one of the best travel and lifestyle YouTubers. She created this YouTube channel of the same name in 2014. Basically, Miriam is from Sweden but moved to China in 2015 for an exchange semester. She is now living in rural Qinghai with her Chinese husband Yonghong. On this channel, Miriam shares various videos related to traveling, lifestyle, and other people’s stories from China. She has also uploaded playlists including Christmas in Rural China, Coronavirus update by Expats in China, Chinese new year in Qinghai, and travel vlogs from GoYvon and Miriam in China. The total number of videos on Miriam Follin is 143 whereas views on the channel are over 6 million.

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China Food Nomad – 5.28K Subscribers 


You might be thinking of it as a food channel. Yes, China Food Nomad is a food channel but it is also related to travel. This channel was created back in 2017 and it has been managed by Hellen Tian and Joy Tang. On this YouTube channel, you will find videos related to food and traveling as both the creators travel around China in order to search for delicious food and Chinese hand-made artworks. The total number of videos on this channel is just 22 but views are more than 1 million. For any business queries related to this channel, you can contact them at

2.5 Travellers – 2.23K Subscribers


2.5 Travellers has been started by an Indian family which is currently living in China. The name of the creators is Kishan and Kashu. Their child’s name is Ved but he is just a part of the Youtube. According to the creators, the main purpose of this channel is to spread positivity and happiness to the viewers. The main playlists on this channel are Shanghai 2021, The best from the US, 2.5 shorts, Festival celebration in China, Explore Beijing, Travel Vlogs-Qingdao, and Let’s science it. There are a total of 37 videos uploaded on the 2.5 Travellers and total views on the channel are 140K.

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China Outbound Travel Pulse – 179 Subscribers 


This YouTube channel has been created by Dragon Trail Interactive and COTRI which is a Chinese travel-focused digital marketing company. The main reason behind channel creation was to explore the different aspects of Chinese tourism. By subscribing to this channel, you will be able to expand your knowledge about China with the current trends. The number of subscribers on this channel might be low but it is expected that they will also grow over a period of time. As of now, there are only 27 uploaded videos on this channel and the total videos on them are over 5k which are still increasing.

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These are the best Chinese travel Youtubers that you should follow in 2021 in order to explore the world from the comfort of your home. In addition, each YouTube channel has millions of views.

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