Best Chinese Lifestyle YouTube Channels You Should Follow in 2021

Want to know what most popular Chinese personalities are doing in their lives? You can check and follow their lifestyles by subscribing and watching videos on their best Chinese lifestyle YouTube channels.

In today’s world, where everyone is busy with their daily lives, it is necessary to take some rest to get refreshed. However, if we just change our lifestyle, we can do much more to keep ourselves physically and mentally fit and stay energetic forever. Now, there are some Youtube channels that can help us in teaching the way of living a good life.

The best Chinese lifestyle youtube channels include Liziqi(with 15 million subscribers), IAMKARENO(with 1.57 million subscribers), Yoyo Chinese(320K Subscribers), SavisLook(209K Subscribers), and Miriam Follin(57.2K Subscribers).

All these lifestyle channels have thousands of subscribers with millions of views. To know more about them, you should read the full article.

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Best Chinese Lifestyle YouTube Channels You Should Follow in 2021

We listed the Chinese lifestyle Youtube channels in decreasing order according to the number of subscribers a channel has. 

李子柒 Liziqi – 15 Million Subscribers


LiZiqi is one of the best Chinese lifestyle Youtube channels. Basically, Li Ziqi is the owner of this channel and she created it in 2017. Most of the time, she uploads food-related content but also does handicraft preparation. She is the most popular Chinese celebrity with millions of followers who admire her. The popular playlists on this Chinese lifestyle Youtube channel are seasonal diet, Chinese festival food, Sound of Blooming flowers, Oriental intangible cultural heritage, traditional handicraft, and seasonal videos. The total number of videos on the Liziqi Youtube channel is only 125 but views are more than 2 billion.

IAMKARENO – 1.57 Million Subscribers


This YouTube channel was created in 2008 and as of now, it is run by Karen Yeung. She was born in Hong Kong but currently lives in Los Angeles. Karen is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger and shares her created videos over the internet in order to get engagement. She uploaded her first video on YouTube in 2003. After that, she has uploaded 374 videos as of now and views on them are more than 65 million. In order to contact the owner of this YouTube channel, you can directly mail your queries to

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Yoyo Chinese – 320K Subscribers


This lifestyle channel is all about learning Chinese. The owner of this channel is Yangyang Cheng who is a passionate Chinese teacher. Here, you’ll find thousands of structured video lessons that include Chinese dialogues that will make your Chinese speaking skills better. The main playlists on this channel are Learn beginner Chinese, Learn Chinese Pinyin Tones, conversational Chinese, Chinese Phrase of the day, and Practice reading Chinese with Chat stories. The total number of videos on Yoyo Chinese is 519 but views are more than 25 million. 

SavisLook – 209K Subscribers


SavisLook’s YouTube channel was created by Savi Sala in 2015. She is a China-based lifestyle Influencer as well as a YouTuber who has earned more than 200K subscribers just by uploading lifestyle video content on YouTube. Savi shares vlogs, routine videos, workout videos, etc. Her created playlists include collaborations, daily vlogs, makeup(beauty), lifestyle, fashion favorites, and Outfits. The total number of videos on this channel is 369 while views are over 21 million. The creator of SavisLook has also shared her email so that others can contact her for business inquiries. To contact SavisLook, you can mail your queries to

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Miriam Follin – 57.2K Subscribers


Miriam Follin is one of the best Chinese lifestyle channels on Youtube. It was created in 2014 by an Influencer of the same name. Basically, Miriam was born in Sweden but moved to China in 2015 for an exchange semester. As of now, she lives in rural Qinghai with her Chinese husband Yonghong. On this channel, Miriam shares various videos related to traveling, lifestyle, and other people’s stories from China. She has also uploaded playlists including Christmas in Rural China, Coronavirus update by Expats in China, Chinese new year in Qinghai, and travel vlogs from GoYvon and Miriam in China. The total number of videos on Miriam Follin is 143 whereas views on the channel are over 6 million.


All these are the best Chinese lifestyle Youtube channels that you should follow in 2021. You can watch the videos and browse several playlists on these channels for free.

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