Best Chinese Gaming YouTube Channels You Must Follow

Most people play games but only a few know how to become a pro at it. However, here we are going to disclose some Chinese gaming Youtube channels that will teach you the way of playing a game with proper game sense so that you can also master a particular game you play.

Whether we talk about PC games or mobile games, every gaming industry is working hard to make their games more realistic. Also, most streamers and YouTubers prefer to play high-end games like GTA V and Pubg online rather than playing offline. This is because online games are fair and more competitive.

The best Chinese gaming YouTube channels are Kouki(with 2.53 million subscribers), De JuN(1.77 million subscribers), Nuclear Productions(1.5 million subscribers), Zyn(1.24 million subscribers), and Xiaocao Yue(with 850K+ subscribers).

When you go through the full article, you’ll know more about these YouTube channels along with the number of subscribers and the date of their channel creation.

Best Chinese Gaming YouTube Channels You Should Follow in 2021

Some of these Chinese Gaming channels have been run by the most popular players who have mastered the game they play most. In addition, all these YouTube channels have millions of views.

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Kouki gaming channel has been run by a 23 years old boy who is from Taiwan. He has a keen interest in video gaming and mostly plays horror and casual games. Whenever Kouki plays any game, he shares that particular game on YouTube through streaming or direct uploading. If you want a place where you can get entertained in your boring time, then you must subscribe to his channel as he comes up with new content every time he uploads a video on his channel. If we talk about the total number of views and videos on the Kouki channel, then there are billions of views whereas videos are over 4.4K.



On this Youtube channel, you will find all kinds of hilarious gameplays filled with a lot of fun. The YouTube channel was joined by the creator in April 2013. According to the owner of this channel, he uses Sennheiser HD700 headphones as an audio device. The PC configuration includes a Gold GTX 970 virtual reality graphics card and an i7 – 7700 CPU. You can also contact the creator of this channel by email – The total number of views on the DE JuN gaming channel is more than 900 million whereas uploaded videos are 876.

Nuclear Productions


Nuclear Productions is one of the best Chinese gaming YouTube channels. Here you’ll find various games animations videos. There are only two playlists on this channel. These two playlists include Pubg animation compilation and Resident evil animation. Apart from it, there are many entertaining gaming videos available on this channel. Some of these are related to Pubg Mobile and Resident Evil 2 while some are related to Apex legends, Godzilla vs Kong, and Soldier’s Assault. The total number of subscribers on this gaming animation channel is 1.5 million. The views are over 300 million while videos are just 30.

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Zyn is the owner of this YouTube channel. He is a Taiwanese gamer and creator who shares his gaming videos on YouTube. Zyn is an active YouTuber as he uploads videos on a weekly basis. Apart from just gaming, he also shares entertaining vlogs. The main playlists on his YouTube channel are 2021 exchange new year dishes recipes, Positive order, Cha-Kitchen mysterious recipe, learning on Tokyo, 2018 Christmas fringe gift exchange, 2018 YouTubers soul exchange, Monster hunter world, and Gary’s mod. The total number of views on the Zyn channel is 440 million and videos are 680. The subscribers are 1.24 million.

Xiaocao Yue


Xiaocao Yue is one of the most popular Chinese gaming YouTube channels. The owner of this channel is Lu Zixian who is popularly known as a “Running cart”. He is also an esports player in the “Taiwan Esports League”. Xiaocao Yue created this YouTube channel in January 2010 in order to share his gameplay videos on the internet so that other gamers should get to know about his gaming skills. As of now, the total number of videos on his channel is 2,032 and subscribers are more than 850K. The total views are 300 million-plus. If you want to contact the owner of this channel for paid promotions or any queries, you can him on the provided email id –

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All these are the best Chinese gaming YouTube channels you should follow in 2021 in order to gain some gaming experience along with entertainment.

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