Best Chinese Food Youtubers To Follow in 2021

Chinese food is most popular all over the world, especially in street foods. Making Chinese food may not be easy but you can watch some best Chinese food YouTubers to know more about it.

As of now, due to the coronavirus issue, many people resist going out of their house to eat food. In such a situation, they can watch videos on youtube so that they should get an idea of how to prepare Chinese food at home. If you also want to prepare amazing food, you should follow these YouTubers.

The best Chinese food YouTubers are

  1. Spice N’ Pans
  2. 李子柒 Liziqi
  3. ChineseHealthyCook
  4. Chinese Cooking Demystified
  5. Family in Northwest China
  6. Garden Time Homemade Cuisine
  7. Mama Cheung
  8. Khoan Vong
  9. Chinese Recipies for All
  10. Dumpling Sisters

Below in this article, you’ll find more about these YouTubers, including their video views and the total number of subscribers.

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Best Chinese Food YouTubers To Follow in 2021

There are millions of people including the new food vloggers who follow these below-listed YouTubers. In addition, these Chinese food YouTubers have thousands of subscribers on their channels.

Spice N’ Pans

Spice N’ Pans is a Youtube channel that is mostly operated by two couples from Singapore namely Roland and Jamie. Jamie does everything behind the scenes like shooting, editing, and uploading whereas Roland cooks delicious food. As of now, Spice N’ Pans has 640k subscribers on YouTube with 7 crore plus views.

李子柒 Liziqi

Li Ziqi is a Chinese food Youtuber and a well-known internet celebrity and Entrepreneur. Apart from creating food content, she does handicraft preparation. As of now, she is 30 years old and has 14.9 million subscribers on YouTube. Her videos have an overall view of 2 billion-plus.


This channel has been managed by one of the best Chinese food YouTubers, Ling who is inspired by her grandmother and mom. In the ChineseHealthyCook YouTube channel, you’ll see amazing video content which includes healthy Chinese food cooking recipes with tips and tricks. There are over 283k subscribers on this channel and total video views are 20 million and above.

Chinese Cooking Demystified

Chinese Cooking Demystified is a Youtube channel which is run by the famous Chinese food YouTubers, Chris Thomas and Stephanie Li. This couple lives in Shenzhen and posts videos that show how to cook original Chinese food. Their cooking videos have over 40 million views on YouTube. The total number of subscribers is 536k.

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Family in Northwest China

This YouTube channel has 290k subscribers and total views are 60 million. According to the Hypeauditor, the Global rank of this Chinese food youtube channel is #89,498, and videos are uploaded on a monthly basis.

Mama Cheung

Mama Cheung is among the best Chinese food YouTubers who uploads videos of secret tips and tricks of preparing Chinese food. Her youtube channel has 497k subscribers and a total view count of 8 crores.

Garden Time Homemade Cuisine

This channel was created on 13 Nov 2011 and by subscribing to this channel, you’ll get amazing Chinese food cooking videos. Apart from it, you’ll know more about the real Chinese traditional food and learn about preparing beautiful and delicious food. Garden Time Homemade Cuisine has over 1 billion total views on YouTube and has 528k subscribers.

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Khoan Vong

Khoan Vong is an experienced chef who is in the cooking industry for over 20 years. He owns a Youtube channel of the same name. As of now, he has a total of 67.1k subscribers and his videos have over 13 million views.

Chinese Recipes for All

This YouTube channel is all about preparing Chinese recipes. The channel was created on 7th October 2010 and the video content available here is very good. The dishes are so attractive and beautifully decorated. Chinese Recipes for All may have only 12.1k subscribers and 2 million views, but the videos are really helpful if you want to learn Chinese food cooking.

Dumpling Sisters

Dumpling Sisters is a food channel on YouTube that is run by two sisters, Amy and Julie. They upload videos about real Chinese food and desserts that are so delicious. Their presentation of food is simply gorgeous. As of now, there are a total of 105k subscribers on their youtube channel and their videos have over 3 million views.

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These are the best Chinese food YouTubers that are still worth watching in 2021. If you watch their videos, you’ll always get new Chinese dish ideas.

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