10 Best Book Reading Gadgets For Bookworms


Means the whole galaxy for some people. These people can even ditch a date for their night reading schedule(just saying). In case you are stuck with such a bookworm in your life, then you are on the right page. We got you covered with some of the best book reading gadgets, that you can gift your nerdy partner and bring a brighter smile to their faces. 

Book reading gadgets? Do we need any gadgets for reading books? 

Reading is fun and can be addictive too. We forget to keep a check on time and our postures too. This might end up hurting our eyes, our neck, and our fingers might hurt from holding the book for too long. Book reading gadgets are to give you a better reading experience and to save you from all these discomforts. 

From basic reading gadgets to luxurious comfy tools, we have mentioned everything here. Want to know which are the best book reading gadgets?

Reading is considered the most productive thing and to make your productive hours more comfortable and joyful, some of the best book reading gadgets are Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite, Reading light with Timber, Nap massaging bed rest, and more.

These were just a few to mention, there are many more on the list. Whether you wish to gift your loved ones or want to buy for yourself, these gadgets are the best book reading gadgets that you must have.

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10 Best Book Reading Gadgets

Let’s end your wait and show you the 10 best book reading gadgets. From basic gadgets to luxurious tools, here you’ll find everything. 

Waterproof Kindle PaperWhite

Best Book Reading Gadgets; Waterproof Kindle PaperWhite
Source: Amazon.in

For all those who always wished to take their reading buddies(books and gadgets) to their bathtubs, Waterproof Kindle PaperWhite is a good buy. Kindle Paperwhite is an ebook reader. Now you can carry your whole library with you anywhere, anytime. 

It’s super convenient and lightweight. This gadget is great for reading while traveling. You don’t have to carry all your books with you now, just kindle paperwhite and you are good to go. Also, many free and cheap books are available on this gadget.

Reading Light With Timer

Best Book Reading Gadgets; Reading Light With Timer
Source: Ebook Friendly

Ever wondered why most of the book worms have permanent glasses to accompany them? Their reading habits got them those jumbo glasses(Though they look cute in those).

Reading light with timber is a must-have tool for all-night owls. The best part about this gadget is the timber. You can fix this light on your book and the timber will support the perfect light you need for reading. Smart gadget for smart readers!!

Book Page Holder Bookmark

Best Book Reading Gadgets; Book Page Holder Bookmark
Source: Gadget Flow

Using a book page holder bookmark is as simple as wearing a ring. In fact, it looks like a thumb ring. You just have to wear it and keep your thumb on the page you are reading currently. Without tiring your thumb, it holds the page as long as you wish to.

This gadget comes in different shapes and sizes.

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LuminoLite Hands-Free Book Light

Best Book Reading Gadgets; LuminoLite Hands-Free Book Light
Source: The Best LED Sourcing Agent

Reading in too bright light at night is not recommended by experts. Plus the blue light irritates the eyes and may disturb your natural sleep pattern. LuminoLite hands-free book light saves you from both.

It comes in a cool neckband design. The light can be increased and decreased according to your need. It’s bright enough to give you a good read.

Walterdrake Book Pillow Holder

Best Book Reading Gadgets; Walterdrake Book Pillow Holder
Source: Best Book Reading Gadgets

Who doesn’t love comfort? And if you ask a book lover, they’ll come up with an answer that their books deserve the same comfy treatment too. 

Just like you rest your neck on a soft pillow, why not have the same pillow ease for your books? Walter Drake Book Pillow Holder from Wedge is the best resting place for your book. It holds the book nicely, giving you time to take a nap in between without worrying about your last page read.

Luxurious Book Reading Gadgets

Reading can be interesting, reading can be productive, reading can be fun and it can be luxurious too. How? By using some best luxurious book reading gadgets to have the best-pampered reading sessions with yourself. Look, here I bought some fancy gadgets for you.

Wide Horizontal Handheld Magnifier With Light

Best Book Reading Gadgets; Wide Horizontal Handheld Magnifier With Light
Source: Bookstr

Reading those magnified words has its own fun. It surveyed that the amount of light our eyes need in general increases by 1 percent every passing year. To maintain your eye health, good and soothing light is preferred.

The MagniPros 3X magnifier is one of the best handheld magnifying glasses with the brightest light. It has a handle to hold it, and even if you don’t wish to hold the magnifying glass, you can simply lay it flat on the page. It’s completely lightweight and can be used for all age groups.

Nap Massaging Bed Rest

Best Book Reading Gadgets; Nap Massaging Bed Rest
Source: Amazon.com

Want a luxurious and pampered space for reading? Nap Massaging Bed rest is the ultimate gadget you need. This gadget is perfectly suitable for all the book worms who love a pampered reading session with themselves. Reading is good and to make it more comfortable and pleasurable you deserve this gadget.

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C-Pen Reader

Best Book Reading Gadgets; C-Pen Reader
Source: MaxiAids

A bit expensive but a lot helpful. The C-Pen reader is a nifty little gadget that reads out the printed text aloud using optical character recognition. You just need to glide the reading assistant over text and it reads out loud the text for you in different languages like English, Spanish, etc. You can listen to the scanned text using earphones also.

Another surprising feature of this device is that it stores the scanned text that you can easily transfer to your computer. Isn’t it so cool? It’ll help you take notes from the printed book to the screen. You don’t have to type the words yourself. Just relax and let the C-Pen reader do its work.

MuchBuy Lightwedge Original Book Light

Best Book Reading Gadgets; MuchBuy Lightwedge Original Book Light
Source: Amazon.in

This is a perfect gift for your nerdy partners who love to read books overnight. Gifting them this gadget is beneficial for you actually.


MuchBuy Lightwedge book light lights up only that page of the book on which this device is placed. That means your partner can read their book peacefully without bothering anyone nearby. This gadget is perfect for all paperback book fans.

Noise – Cancelling Headphones

Best Book Reading Gadgets; Noise- Cancelling Headphones
Source: Headphonesty

Don’t let the noise spoil your reading mood. Get yourself noise-canceling headphones. Whether you are reading while traveling or reading at the cafe corner, these headphones can be a lifesaver from unnecessary noises. 

Some people may feel okay reading publicly but for those finding it chirpy, put your headphones on and forget the world for a while.

What Else?


Ahh!! Coffee!! Book reading and coffee, what an unbeatable match. Grab a cup of coffee and kick start your day.


Reading becomes more pleasant with soft music playing in the background. Music on and the world off!!

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Reading is to mind what exercise is to the body. Hope you liked all these best book reading gadgets and are thinking forward to use them. Enjoy reading with comfort. Do tell us which gadget you liked the most in the comment section below. Until then Happy reading!!

Featured Image Credits: The New York Times

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