What Are The Avatars In Metaverse – A Guide For Beginners

The word “Avatar” is a Sanskrit word, which dates back to ancient Hindu Epics. The word “Avatar” means a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth. It has a somewhat similar meaning, in the virtual world as well. Representation of the users, players, or any kind of thing that exists, in the virtual world, is called its Avatar. Avatars in Metaverse more precisely refer to the virtual representation of humans. Here, in this article, we will help you with how to make your own Avatars in Metaverse.

The concept of Avatar was first introduced to the Computing world in the early 1980s as an on-screen representation of internet users and gamers. However, the first version of Avatar was rolled into life, in the 1985 game called Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar. The reason behind introducing the Avatars was to not just only represent users or gamers on-screen, but also to give them an immersive engaging gaming experience.

Interestingly, the concept of Avatars in social media or Metaverse was neither introduced in the early 1980s nor by Ultima IV. Any guesses who were the brains behind it? Well, if you are ardent tech-savvy then do you know who I am talking about? Yes, you guessed it right! It was the Sci-fi novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. This book was way ahead of time and introduced not only the concept of Metaverse but also having Avatars in the Metaverse.

Today, having our own Avatars is not just something limited to the gaming industry. In fact, now, our Avatars can attend meetings, go skydiving, bungee jumping, visit ancient places, museums, or even have a ping pong or chess match with anyone around the world and much more. Now we know what can be done with the Avatars but do you guys know how to make one? If not, then don’t worry! You have come to the right place. We will tell you how to make your Avatars in Metaverse. And if you are a reader who does know it all, then we can tell you how to customize it and maybe you will find some extra information as well. Extra knowledge never hurts anyone. Right? So let’s jump straight into the main part of the article.

How To Make Your Own Avatars In The Metaverse?

Avatars in Metaverse

Well, Avatars are our visual representation. But they don’t necessarily have to look like us. All that is required for an Avatars in Metaverse is that it should be of humanoid form, that is, it should have upper and lower limbs, head, and torso. And in some Apps and Software, even the lower torso is a choice for the user. 

So now you can be whoever you want to be, and look like whatever you prefer, it really doesn’t matter. You get various customization options (to which, we will get later) , for you to become or represent more of what you prefer, in just a few simple steps.  Now, let’s get to the steps of how to create your own Avatars in Metaverse (In different Apps and Softwares, the steps are interchanged. So, don’t worry if you don’t find the steps aligning with the article.)

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  1. Take Picture: The obvious step. Select your picture. You can either click a new picture within the App or software’s camera or can upload one from your gallery, if you want your Avatar to look like you. The only thing to keep in mind is that your face should be clearly visible. And if you don’t want your Avatar to look like you, then you can select from some of the given Avatar faces.
  2. Choose your Avatar type: After selecting your face, you can choose what type of Avatar you want to have, that is, Full Body (with lower limbs) or Half Body (just the torso).  
  3. Choose your Body Type: After you are done with the selection of your face type and body structure. Now, you can choose what body type you want, Masculine or Feminine or Neutral (some also have the option of ‘not specify’). How diversified!

And voila! You are done with creating the structure of your Avatar. Time to get to the second fun part.

Customization Of Avatars In Metaverse

Avatars in Metaverse

To the salon! (If you know, you know). It’s time to get ready now. There are thousands of options and features to choose from, in order to customize our Avatar. In this new digital world, we don’t have to be limited to the basic ones. But, however, in this article, we will discuss only the basic ones, with the view to not make this article lengthy or boring. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Skin Tone

The foremost customization option available in most of the Apps and Softwares is the skin tone. And nowadays, it is not just limited to the basic three colors. With time developers have become aware of the importance of diversity and have been provided lots of shades to select from, for their diverse community. Technology is leveling up, people!

2. Face Structure

You can choose from an array of face structures suitable to you. For instance, you can choose a face structure with a sharp jawline, or sharp cheekbones or you can have a slim face, or a bit chubby, narrow at the bottom, oval-shaped, pear-shaped, oblong, heart, and many other options.

3. Eyes

For eyes, you can choose not just the color, but also the shape and size of your eyes; as well as the size of eyelashes. And people, it just does not end here, you can choose the shape, and width of your eyebrows too. Love the detailing!

4. Hair

There is a miscellany of hairstyles in this world. And developers have got it all covered as well (love these developers🥺) Whether you like long hair or short hair or neither of them, they have it! Or whether you want a curly, straight, afro kind of style, you got it! Hairstyles, we don’t the name of, but still love them, you got it!

5. Body Structure

 Apart from the face and its features. You are provided with a collection of body structures as well, to choose from.  You want to look taller, shorter, medium-sized; want to have ripped abs or no abs, you choose.

6. Clothes

Dress like a model, or be modest. Show off your fashion style in the virtual world too (just like you do in the real world), the way you want. Dress up funky, chic, sophisticated, whatever you want to be. Feel free to follow Ariana here, “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.” (Don’t forget the tune).

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Types Of Avatars In Metaverse

Avatars in Metaverse

Since the inception of this concept to this day, there have been different types of Avatars. Below are the different types of Avatars

2D Avatar

2D Avatars were the first ones who brought the theoretical concept of Avatars into life. In the initial days of the internet and video gaming, Avatars were just 2D representations of the user or the gamer on the screen.

3D Avatars

But with the exponential advancement in the tech world, we now have a 3D representation/model of our avatars. This type represents the users in a complete humanoid form.

VR Avatars

VR Avatars is a subtype of 3D Avatars in the Metaverse. VR Avatar provides users a first-person view (or first-hand view) of the virtual world, given the user has to wear VR headsets. He will actually be in that world and can see the things and people around him, exactly like what his 2D representation would see.

Full Body Avatars

Full Body Avatars is another subtype of the 3D Avatars in Metaverse. They are way better and advanced than any type of 3D Avatars. In this type, sensors are used to reproduce and regenerate the limb movements of the user. It is done with the help of the Kinematics System.

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Wrapping Up

When playing video games, as a kid, you all at least once must have fantasized about actually going into the game. Or would get tempted to knock the dragon out by your own hands, because the controls would just not be sufficient. Or wished to go inside that delicious candy shop. Going into the game or the other dimension was just a fictitious concept, limited to the movies and cartoons. But now, all of this has come true. We can now actually go inside the game and play it. And not just the games, our Avatars in Metaverse can visit any part of the world, in any year, at any time. We can actually be there via our Avatars, roam, talk, and see things. We can go there alone or with friends. Whatever we want to do, whatever we imagine; we can do it!

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