Best Apps To Make Money By Sharing Your Internet

Are you also looking for a passive income source where you can get money in your wallets without making any efforts? You must be thinking this is impossible but it’s not! Yes, there are some applications that give you money just for sharing your internet data with them. So you can simply download such Apps To Make Money By Sharing Internet.

With the advent of society, human needs have also increased drastically and your 9 to 5 job might be enough to fulfill all your needs but when it comes to desires, you have to suppress them. And you must be thinking of or already doing overtime or part-time jobs to attain the things you are unable to. But, what if you find out that you don’t have to give any time or effort and yet you can earn money? Are you curious how this can happen?

Well, there have been a lot of applications specially developed so that you can earn money out of them just in return for the Internet you share with them. Isn’t that interesting? All you have to do is allow the application to retrieve the internet that you have left unused and the application will pay you for that. So, just say goodbye to all those overstressing part-time jobs and enter the modern and easier way of earning money.

Let us know about these apps that provide you money for the internet and which apps you should use for this purpose. 

How Can We Earn Money By Sharing Internet?

How Can We Earn Money By Sharing Internet

Since most of us use wi-fi connections these days where we get an abundance of internet data every day that we cannot even exhaust on our own. As a result, a lot of data is left unused. But you can also make money out of it. 

There are many applications out there that send you money if you share your internet. So you are getting paid just for your bandwidth. All you have to do is install a trusted application for this purpose and permit it to extract your internet. These applications share your internet traffic with their partners, which in turn send you money for this. The more internet you share with these applications, the more money they will provide you, which you can withdraw through the linked and supported digital wallet

But the problem here is, there are numerous such applications available out there. And not all of them can be trusted. Some people are also afraid of using such apps because they think these applications will steal your personal information from your device. Moreover, due to data mining, some applications can slow down your internet speed. 

Keeping all these factors in mind, we have filtered out some applications which you can trust and install on your device without any worries and earn money by sharing the internet with them. 

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Requirements To Earn Money By Sharing Internet

Requirements For Being Able To Earn Money By Sharing Internet

Before you directly jump into the process of sharing your data on a suggested application to earn money, you need to know some basic prerequisites that you first ensure you have. 

  1. Good internet connection. 

You must have access to an internet connection with good speed. It doesn’t matter you are using a mobile network or wifi. Just make sure it has a good processing speed. 

  1. Authorized application.

As explained, there are a lot of fake applications that have been designed for fraudulent purposes. So, you have to be careful while deciding which app you are going to install.

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  1. A device.

In order to operate such applications, you need to have a suitable device. Most of these apps can work on Android, Windows as well as iPhone. Yet, first, make sure that the application you are going to use is supported by the device you possess.

Well, if you have all these things then you are ready for earning money through the internet. Nevertheless, you need to know some basic facts regarding these apps so you don’t have any doubts left.

Although these applications provide you with money for free, this doesn’t mean that you can earn limitless money through them. There is a certain specified limit up to which you can earn money by sharing the internet on these applications.

The amount of money you will receive completely depends upon the level of traffic that has been routed through your country. 

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In the beginning, there might probably be less amount of earning that would discourage you. But if you stay consistent you will soon start getting quite a good amount. 

Using these applications will not slow down your internet connection. It doesn’t use too much bandwidth, so with such an application running in the background, you can continue to use the internet on other applications on your device as you do at normal times. So the trafficking is unnoticeable. 

If you wish to run all the applications on your computer, then make sure you are not mining with your computer at that time. 

Now we guess you are ready and excited to know which applications are best suited to earn money by sharing the Internet. 

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Apps To Make Money By Sharing Your Internet

Apps To Make Money By Sharing Your Internet

Here is a thoroughly revised list of apps to make money by sharing your internet.

  10. SPIDER

Let us now know about the most preferable sites out of these applications in detail so that it becomes easier for you to decide which ones you should earn money from.

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This application is supported by Android, Macbook, and Windows PC. So, you have enough choice on which device you want to use this application. The application is available on Playstore and has been downloaded by  100000+ users. This is the most suggested application for making money by sharing your internet.  With a simple interface, this application is really easy to use. 

The application pays you in dollars. For every Gigabyte shared, the app will pay you 0.2USD.

Not only this, you get 1$ for free right after you sign up in this app. Once you have received 5$ in your wallet, you will be permitted to withdraw the money. 

How much money you will make, completely depends on which country you are using this application from. 

You can use different IP addresses in order to generate double or triple income through different devices at the same time. You can withdraw money only through Paypal or Bitcoin. So, make sure that you are signed up for one of these. 

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2. Honey Gain

Honey Gain

This is one of the oldest websites that send you money for sharing your Internet, yet this is one of the most preferred ones. The site shares your internet with various trusted organizations all over the world. You can trust this site for the security of your personal data on your device because they have partnerships with genuine members. 

Unlike many other sites, Honeygain provides nearly the same amount of money to its users. And if there is more traffic demand and a high number of VPN users in your region, then you can earn far more. 

This application also pays in dollars. On signing up to it, you directly get 5$ at the moment. And you will expectedly earn between 5$ and 70$ in a single month. The minimum payout threshold is 20$.

You can create different IP addresses in order to earn more money at the same time. 

You can refer this to your friends and family and earn 10% through AFFILIATE. The site can be used on Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS as well. 

The withdrawal methods include Paypal and BitCoin only. 

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This is another application where you can share your internet data that has been left unused and is going to get wasted anyway. The site uses your internet and provides it to other users

 all over the world so they do not have any restrictions in using the internet. 

This site also ensures the security of your personal information and maintains the privacy of your data. While you use their application, they won’t ask permission for access to any of your device’s confidential information, so you can rest assured while using it. The application is simple to use as well. 

For every 1GB of data,  you will receive between 0.20USD and 0.85USD, which completely depends upon the area you are operating the site from. So you can expectedly earn from 6$ to 100$ in a month. 

On your successful referral of the application to 30 users, you will receive 100$ for it without even sharing the internet for it. 

The withdrawal threshold is only from 2$ to 5$. The withdrawal methods include a lot of options for this very site, which are: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bank Cards, Yoomoney, Qiwi, Payeer, and Webmoney. 

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4. Income

apps to earn money by sharing internet: Income

Under the share and earn scheme, this is the site that is trusted and approved by most users. The software is currently been used in more than 150 countries all over the world

You can simply install the software on your PC and allow it to run in the background while using other applications without any signs of low speed.

You can earn from 5$ to 60$ through this application. The amount of money you get completely depends upon which country you are in. the per GB data sharing accounts from 0.2 to 0.7USD.

You can withdraw your money only after your earnings have reached 20$. The only withdrawal method for this application is Paypal. So, you have to ensure that you have an account there. 

You receive 25% of earnings through referring. 

This software is only compatible with Windows. You cannot use it on any other device other than this. 

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5. Packet Stream

Let’s talk about another website that pays you for sharing your bandwidth. You work as a Packeter and sell your wifi data through this website all over the world to the users who want to purchase it. This site is also secure and you can use it without being afraid of any infringement of your personal information.

You receive an exact amount of 0.10USD for every single Gigabyte of internet data you share through this site. 

You can withdraw cash only after you’ve earned 5$. There is an Affiliate program of 20% as well. 

You can operate this site only from Windows or Mac. there are no options for any other device. The only withdrawal method is Paypal. 

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6. Spider


The site also provides you money for sharing your internet data.

Spider pays 1.50$ for every 10GB of the internet you share on their site. You can also get 25% through the Affiliate scheme.

For this site, you need to earn a minimum of 20$ in order to be able to withdraw money. And the withdrawal can be done only through your Paypal account. 

The other sites like Privatix, Mysterium network, Nanowire, and Wicrypt are also good to make money by sharing your internet, but the thing is that these sites pay only in crypto and not in real cash. So, if you are into cryptocurrency, only then it will be preferable to use these sites. 

Remember one thing, the sites, and applications that have been mentioned here do not have any other withdrawal method other than Paypal. So you need to create your Paypal account first. You can link it to your existing bank account. In case you are in a country where Paypal doesn’t provide its services, then you can link the Paypal account of someone you know who lives in another country where Paypal supports its operationality, and then you can ask them to transfer the amount to your bank account

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Wrap Up

Now you know exactly what to do in order to make money by sharing your internet. You know the sites, their regulations, and their payment methods as well. It won’t take you much to set up this system on your device. It is definitely the easiest way of earning money, after all, you have to do literally NOTHING for this. Then go ahead and start your passive income from today.


How To Earn GCash?

There are many methods of earning GCash. You can invite other people to GCash through your referral. You can also save money and gain interest. Another option is by selling prepaid load. You can also enjoy games and earn money by playing. Or you can earn through BuzzBreak and SnippetMedia. 

How To Get Free Money Legally?

There are several legal ways of earning free money, like, taking online surveys, refinancing your student loans, through Swagbucks,  or just simply signing up on Ebates or Inbox Dollars. 

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