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What is Afterpay? How does it work? What are the services? What is the Afterpay customer service number? These are some of the most asked questions by you all, which we will be discussing today in our post. Keep hanging around.

Afterpay allows their shoppers to Buy Now and Pay Later. AfterPay is obtained by Finetech Giant Square (NYSE: SQ) worth $29 billion, is an Australian Brand that provides loans without any interest. 

It was first launched in 2015, the stage is in the service of New Zealand, the US, Australia, and Canada now. In addition, it also functions in France, the United Kingdom, and Spain, popular by the name of ClearPay. So, what’s the Afterpay Customer Service number?

As online shopping is getting famous, brands are looking for methods to keep shoppers engaged and invite them to exhaust more and more money. The current strategy to make this possible is to allow them to Buy Now and Pay Later. Nowadays, consumers started referring to Afterpay, earlier they had to offer the consumers store credit cards

What Is Afterpay?

What Is Afterpay

Afterpay is an online payment stage made for online shopaholics which let its users use the “buy now and pay later” strategy. Utilizers can pay once a week for the purchased items until they are paid in full. No interest is charged and no credit checks are required to use Afterpay.  

Customers are welcome for free sign-ups at Afterpay and to buy and pay on Afterpay. The requirements to do so are mentioned below :

  1. The customer should be above 18 years of age.
  2. The customer must hold an eligible credit or debit card.
  3. Whatever the customer is buying to Afterpay, should be worth $35 or above.
  4. Customers have to pay 25% of the total price on the spot.
  5. Customers are eligible to pay in four installments, every couple of weeks until the entire amount of purchase is burnt off!

Afterpay is an easy-to-utilize cure, providing the shopaholics a chance to purchase whatever they want without counting the Pennies.

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How Does Afterpay Work?

How does afterpay work

Afterpay lets their users buy now and pay later without any interest, fees, and credit checks while paying on time. This facility is available for more than thousands of retailers available all around the world through the Afterpay application.

After purchasing anything with Afterpay, your due amount gets split into four installments. You have to make a down payment on the spot of 25% of the total purchase amount. Except that you get a time period of six weeks to exhaust your installments or you may say remaining payments.

Afterpay doesn’t have any minimum requirement of the purchasing amount like the retailer you gonna buy from. Yes, the retailer has the choice to set a margin of minimum purchase while purchasing with Afterpay. Many retailers have a margin of $35.

To make use of this facility online, one must opt for Afterpay as their payment method while paying. One may create an Afterpay account in a few minutes to make their first purchase and payment. The items purchased from the retailer will be sent to you by the retailer only, after payment.

To avail of this feature in offline stores, one is supposed to install the application and create a handle and create an Afterpay card by clicking on the “Card” tab in the application. The Afterpay card lets you generate an online Afterpay card that the account holder can link to Google Pay or Apple Pay. The customer is allowed to use a mobile wallet either.

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How To Fix Afterpay Not Working Errors?

Sometimes we all face issues and errors in almost every application. Whether it be social media, net banking, or an online shopping platform. It is obvious to get stuck somewhere at some point because of technical or network issues. Many of the issues get resolved automatically in a short period of time, but many take long hours and even days. 

So you don’t have to face such issues, we present some of the most common errors and bugs with their solutions for your smooth and hassle-free experience. Or simply contact Afterpay customer service number.

1. The Order You Placed Didn’t Go Through?

The Order You Placed Didn't Go Through

Click to approve the Afterpay Card in the application and try again.

Make sure to activate the Afterpay Card from the Card page of the application after every buy. You are not allowed to use an Afterpay Card directly from your Google or Apple wallet.

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2. Afterpay Cards Are Not Welcomed At This Store. 

Click to search available stores.

The Afterpay Card is available in locations with selected retailers at present. You have to go through the Card page thoroughly to search for Afterpay accepted retailing stores around you.

3. Deficient Funds?

Your settlement method has insufficient finance. Click to update and try again.

The Afterpay team specifically keeps a check on the user’s bank balance to see if the user has enough money available to pay off the first installment. Make sure you have enough bank balance to pay off the first installment.

4. Your Order Didn’t Withstand?

Your Order Didn't Withstand

It surpasses your earlier approved spent amount of $X.

Ensure that the paying amount of your purchase does not cross the amount that you have the approval of. Also, make sure that the pre-approval doesn’t assure approval at the time of shopping.

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5. Your Order Didn’t Pass Out?

Afterpay Card purchase from this store must be under $X.

Ensure that the paying amount is less than the maximum purchase margin. If you are not sure of the maximum margin, please ask the store manager.

6. Your Order Didn’t Go Through?

Afterpay Card shopping at this store must be over $X.

Ensure that the paying amount is less than the minimum purchase margin. If you are not sure of the minimum margin, please ask the store manager.

7. Something’s Wrong?

Your order didn’t pass out. Click to retry, or get in touch with us for assistance.

Users get this message when there are some issues going on with their accounts. Please connect to the Customer Service Team to know more.

8. Do You Have One Or More Payments Pending?

. Do You Have One Or More Payments Pending

Make a checkout on the Orders page to resume.

Visit the Orders page.

Afterpay doesn’t allow anyone to create new buys without having pending payment of previous ones in your account. Kindly resolve the pending payment to move forward with your current purchase.

9. There Are Too Many Open Orders In Your Account?

Exhaust one-off in the Orders tab to make a new buy. Go to Orders.

Afterpay doesn’t permit any user to make new purchases while having multiple open orders in their account. Exhaust all the orders to move forward with your current purchase.

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Contact Afterpay Customer Service

Contact Afterpay Customer Service

In case you need any help or information with Afterpay, here are the Afterpay customer service numbers and mail to reach out to them.

If any user has any query or question related to their purchase or order, they are supposed to contact the webshop of the product from where it was brought or to the Afterpay Customer Service. 

The webshop’s contact details can be found on the official website of the webshop, or in the order history that one receives after confirming the order.

You can connect the Afterpay Customer Service through E-mails and Calls. Here are both mentioned :

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E-mail Afterpay 

If you have any doubt or issue regarding any particular invoice, then don’t forget to keep ready your personal information like house number and postal code, so that the action can be taken quickly.

Contact Numbers Of Afterpay

If you don’t receive a response to your mail or if there’s an emergency for which you can’t wait for the response over mail, you can directly get in touch with their Customer Service Associates over a call.

Here are the contact numbers and their opening hours :

+31 (0) 20 7 230 270

DaysOpening TimeClosing Time

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Chat With Afterpay Team

Chat With Afterpay Team

You can also chat with the Afterpay team, through Facebook. They are available for your questions and queries on working days, ie: Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00.

Wrapping Up

Afterpay helps users and customers in getting things they want by giving them the liberty to pay however and whenever possible and convenient. This is possible by dividing the payment from the purchase. As a consequence, Afterpay differentiates between the checkout and post-purchase activity.

Afterpay makes it easy for everyone to afford everything that they deserve but couldn’t get because of unaffordability. After the launch of Afterpay, many users and consumers fulfilled their needs and are happily enjoying the service.

Also, now that you have the Afterpay customer service number, and their mail so contact them in case of emergency whenever needed.


Q1. Can One Utilize AfterPay To Pay Bills?

Ans. Afterpay’s service is to provide their users convenient online and offline shopping by cutting off the pay bills.

Q2. Is Afterpay Safe?

Ans. This application uses the highest version of security in the payment industry. Particularly, it’s PCI-DSS Version 1 certified.

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