20 Best Food YouTubers in the World

In this digital world where everything works online, YouTube has given a great and expanding platform for millions of people out there. When talking about the best YouTubers you can’t miss talking about Kjellberg the most popular YouTuber from Sweden with his Channel called PewDiePie (with10.9 crore Youtube subscribers) and Ajey Nagar a young Indian Youtuber with his popular channel called Carry Minati (with over 2.95 crore youtube subscribers).

People create online content for youtube in many different genres for Youtube Channels like Food vloggers, Tech vloggers, Gaming vloggers, Travel vlogging, Art and Craft vloggers, Fashion Vloggers, and many others. You get to explore a variety of things sitting at home. Like you get to know about different places in the world, you get to explore trending fashion ideas, and my personal favorite, you get to learn about different yummy dishes from across the world.

You can now enhance your cooking skills with ease, try new recipes, surprise your loved ones by cooking for them, or you can start your own Food YouTube channel. You can take the reference from the top food YouTuber’s channel. To name a few best YouTubers and their channels, Rosanna Pansino, Epic Meal Time, How to Cook That, How to Cake it, Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube, Laura in the Kitchen, etc are on the top list right now.

We at Sportingibay after coming across many food youtube channels selected the best ones. Now you too can be a pro at cooking or simply explore the richness of the food culture across the world.

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20 Best Food YouTubers in the World

What makes these food Youtubers the best? Get to know the best food YouTubers in the world and their food channels. So without further delay let’s get straight into your cooking classes.

Rosanna Pansino- 1.28 crore YouTube Subscribers

This Youtube channel was first started on 8th April 2010 by Rosanna Pansino. She is an American Youtubers who loves to create online content for Youtube, Especially in the cooking genre. Last year where her youtube subscribers were in millions, this year they crossed to 1 crore. This is an all-in-one food channel that gives you ideas about the most interesting kitchen gadgets, vegan and non-veg dishes, recipes for animals, workout diet, desserts, etc.

Binging with Babish-8.72 Million subscribers

This channel is now remanded as Babish Culinary Universe. The interesting thing is that this channel was started by a filmmaker who wanted to turn his cooking passion into something good. Being a filmmaker he comes up with the best food that we watch in movies only and showcases it in real on the channel.

Jamie Oliver’s FOOD TUBE- 5.45 Million Subscribers

Jamie Oliver a young talented chef started his youtube journey on 21st May 2006 and he is one of the best food Youtubers in the world. I love this channel as you get to watch fun stuff along with cooking videos every week. Also, this channel takes our inputs on what we want to see next and post content about that. Jamie, the wonder chef tells us how to cook a simple dish in different creative ways.

Food Wishes-3.91 Million subscribers

Chef John Mitzewich, an American chef is the creator of this channel. He joined the channel on 16th January 2007. This channel posts some really amazing healthy baked and cooked food. Watch out how chocolate can be used in a much healthier context in your dishes.

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Laura In the Kitchen-3.79 Million Subscribers

Damn!! This lady is so engaging. Laura began her journey as a food Youtuber on 15th January 2010 and has reached nearly 4 million subscribers now. While I am writing this article, a new video is posted on this channel called the Zucchini Gratin. Whether you wish to make Japanese pancakes or the ultimate classic chicken marsala, this channel is worth watching.

SortedFood-2.74 Million Subscribers

Ben Ebbrell is the founder chef of this famous YouTube channel. He joined this channel on 14th March 2010. This is the British Food Youtube channel. This Youtube channel posts some really amazing stuff like Chef Battles, Pass the recipe challenge, Testing kitchen gadgets, etc. The channel reached 2.74 subscribers recently.

You Suck At Cooking-2.58 Million Subscribers

Last but not least in the list of best food YouTubers in the world is Simone Giertz with his popular youtube channel, You suck at cooking. This channel was started on 21st December 2014. The channel’s description says,” no bullshit, just cooking”. The recent video on the channel is “Perfect Scrambled Eggs with Ricotta and Chives”.

Brothers Green Eats-2.45 million subscribers

This is a cooking duo channel that posts amazing cooking videos every time. This channel got aired in more than 80 countries making it popular. The channel was created on 3rd May 2013. The recent video on their channel is “Two reasons your sourdough bread doesn’t look like this”.This channel crossed 2 million followers in the last month and is a highly popular food channel in the world.

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Peaceful Cuisine-2.39Million subscribers

Like the name says, this is a peaceful cooking channel. The channel was started on 15th July 2010. Ryoya Takashima is the owner of this Youtube channel. Find out the best vegan dishes in the town by watching this channel. His monthly income range between $1.5K and $ 18K.

Cooking with Dog-1.56 Million Subscribers 

Now this one is a fun channel. You will get a full entertainment dose along with cooking. The channel was started on 5th September 2007. Crossing 1.56 million subscribers now this food channel has reached new heights. The host of this channel is Francis and a mysterious chef whose name is not revealed yet.

Feast Of Fiction-1.35 Million Subscribers

This youtube channel was started on 18th November 2011. This channel posts cooking videos inspired by books, series, movies, video games, etc. The channel is run by Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams who make this channel really fun.

Nicko’s Kitchen-1.24 Million subscribers

This channel was started on 15th October 2006. This channel was started by an Italian American and Sicilian American chef who has hosted many cooking shows on public television. The recent video on their channel is Chorizo & Gnocchi. The man behind this channel is one of the best food Youtubers in the world.

Epic Meal Time- 70 Lakh Youtube Subscribers

This cooking channel is constantly growing. This is owned by Harley Morenstein a popular Online cook. This epic channel was started on 30th September 2010. This is the second most subscribed food youtube channel in the world. It’s a Canadian Youtube channel.If you want to know about the best high-calorie food intakes, then this channel is the best watch.

How to Cook That- 46.1 Lakh Subscribers

Now this one is basically a baking channel that is helping us to satisfy our sweet tooth for a long. This channel is in existence since 16th April 2011. Ann Reardon is the creator of this channel. You can get top-class recipes for desserts, cakes, confectionery and chocolate creations, etc. I love the fusion food on this channel that makes Ann one of the best food Youtubers in the world.

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How to Cake It- 43.5 Lakh Subscribers

This channel was joined on 1st Feb 2015. This Youtube channel is created and owned by Yolanda Gampp, a Canadian  Youtuber. This is a baking channel that helps you create the best recipes witty few and basic ingredients. You can also join the live sessions that are hosted by the channel every now and then.                 

Tipsy Bartender – 42 Lakh Subscribers

This Youtube channel was started on 2 November 2010. If you wish to learn the perfect bartending skills then this channel is must watch for you as it is one the best food Youtube channels with over 42 lakh subscribers till now. You will find here how to make the best shots, like Catalina Margarita, rainbow shooters, Passion shots, Margarita Sangria, etc. on the channel.

MyCupCakeAddiction- 31.1 Lakh Subscribers

This food channel belongs to an American Youtuber, Elise who loves to bake and to share her baking experiences with others. She joined this channel on 21st September 2011. Earlier we used to see new videos on the channel every week, which now are seen once a month. You can also follow the page on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates of new recipes and fun stuff. Elise creates really creative and artistic dishes which made her to the list of best food Youtubers in the world.

MyHarto- 23.4 Lakh Subscribers

This channel was created on 5th June 2009. If you like cooking, Puns, traveling, and some hilarious content then why don’t you check out the MyHarto Youtube channel. Hannah Hart is the creator and founder of this channel. You must have seen her in the popular series My Drunk Kitchen. Through her channel, she tries to present her opinion on different topics.

HellthyJunkFood- 23.8 Lakh Subscribers

Julia and her partner JP Lambiase started this youtube channel on 26th January 2013. This channel started so small and look what heights it has reached now. Crossing 23 lakh subscribers is a big thing. This page is posting new content every week. The recent video from this channel was “We found the best-fried chicken in our city”.

Byron Talbott- 1.43 Lakh Subscribers

Last but not the least, 20th in the list of best food Youtubers in the world is Byron. This channel was created on 8th June 2011 by Byron Talbott bridges professional. This channel posts a new cooking video every month. The recent post is The Chicken Caesar Sandwich and Eggs on the toast (sunny, butter, and poached). This channel has a touch of homemade with professional experience.

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Reaching world-level popularity is really hard and takes lots of effort, patience, skills, strong will, confidence, and a creative mindset. The story of these best food Youtubers in the world is really inspiring and worth admiring. If you also have similar interests, then I suggest taking the first step now. To reach a world level, taking the first step is very important. Also, do share your views on how you like this article in the comments section below.

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