10 Best USA Food YouTube Channels – You Can’t-Miss To Watch

Are you tired of eating regular food? Wish to try something special but can’t because of the Covid situation? Don’t worry, we have a solution for all your cravings. Now you too can enjoy the tempting food sitting at home with the surprise hidden in this post.

Curious to know what’s the surprise? For that, you have to read till the end. Since the lockdown started, people got bored eating the boring home salads and regular tortillas. I know everyone tried bringing out the master chef in them but found it hard to try the complex dishes.

Now you don’t have to face that problem anymore as you can learn how to cook from top USA food Youtube channels. And this was the surprise I was making you wait for. I have mentioned the top 10 best USA Food Youtube channels here for you. Rosanna Pansino, Andrew Rea, Mark Wiens, Emily Kim, Skyy John are on this list.

Know more about these Best USA food Youtube channels, their life stories, their earnings, their YouTube popularity, and many more in this article.

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10 Best USA Food Youtube channels

Let’s get you on a ride of lip-smacking dishes posted by the best chefs around the USA. Don’t forget to subscribe to their channels to get daily updates on what’s cooking next.

Rosanna Pansino – 12.8 Million Subscribers

10 Best USA Food YouTube channels- And Their Popular Channels; Rosanna Pansino-12.8 Million Subscribers

This YouTube channel was started on 8th April 2010. One of the top Food Youtubers In USA is non-other than Rosanna Pansino. Her YouTube channel is the most famous channel as she posts really amazing stuff related to cooking and her adventures in life. People love to watch her life stories. Her content is quite engaging and fun.

She is a highly paid USA food YouTuber, earning over $6 million per year for her creations on YouTube. She started her journey as a YouTubers in 2010 and received worldwide popularity. She is most famous for her baking show Nerdy Nummies.

Andrew Rea- Binging with Babish – 8.73 Million Subscribers

10 Best USA Food YouTube channels- And Their Popular Channels; Andrew Rea- Binging with Babish-8.73 Million Subscribers
source-The cooking world

Binging with Babish was the earlier name for this Youtube channel which now got changed to Babish Culinary Universe. Andrew Rea is the creator and chef on the channel. Along with his American Film making career, he started this food Youtube channel as he was passionate about cooking. This channel is famous for its innovative movie-style dishes. The channel was created on 22nd August 2006.

Born and brought up in New York and Rochester, Rea was inspired and encouraged to cook by his mother. He is nominated for various awards in recent years like Streamy Awards, Shorty Awards, a show of the year, and many others. The earnings of the channel are over $4 per year with over 1.6 billion views on the channel.

Mark Wiens- 7.49 Million Subscribers

10 Best USA Food Youtubers- And Their Popular Channels; Mark Wiens- 7.49 million Subscribers

Mark Wiens is a USA Food YouTuber, who is now one of the USA’s top bloggers. He is a multitalented person as he is a traveller, an author, and a chef too. The channel was created on 3rd February 2009. Watch his travel vlogs and various lip-smacking dishes that are posted on his channel every now and then.

Mark Wiens travels with his wife to explore different places and the delightful dishes of different countries. Thai food, street food, and some surprise meals are updated on his channel. His channel earns an estimated amount of $1.7 Million per year with over 2.5 million views every day.

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Emily Kim- Maangchi – 5.42 Million Subscribers

10 Best USA Food Youtubers- And Their Popular Channels; Emily Kim- Maangchi-5.42 Million Subscribers

Emily Kim is the chef of this popular food youtube channel, Maangchi. She is an author and a Korean-American Food Youtuber. You get to see some delicious Korean food variety on her channel. Since her childhood, her family was into seafood production that made her a cooking enthusiast. She tries to keep her recipes strictly Korean and traditional.

The channel was started on 3rd April 2007 and gained huge popularity as of now it crossed 5.4 million subscribers on the channel. Her net salary is not disclosed on the internet as of now.

Trevor James-The Food Ranger – 5.04 Million Subscribers

10 Best USA Food Youtubers- And Their Popular Channels; The Food Ranger

The channel was created on 13th March 2013 by Trevor James who is a travel blogger. His cravings for a variety of meals from all over the world can be seen in his videos on the channel. His estimated earnings through this youtube channel are $2.5 million per year.

James is popularly known by the name, “The Food Ranger”. He got famous in no time because of his engaging and entertaining food tours. You get to see some delicious street food from his tours. He has explored flavourful dishes from various countries like India. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia, and many others.

Skyy John- Tipsy Bartender – 4.2 Million Subscribers

10 Best USA Food Youtubers- And Their Popular Channels; Skyy John- Tipsy bartender-4.2 Million Subscribers
source-Cocktail Artist

The channel was started on 2nd November 2010. If you want to learn various cool bartending skills, then Skyy John is here to help you with the right bartending skills with his popular Youtube channel, Tipsy Bartender. As tipsy as his channel’s name, his content will give you the tipsy bartending vibes that you can use to impress your customers.

Skyy John is 42 now but his videos still hold the refreshing and teenage vibes. The tipsy bartender is widely famous and is one of the best bartending shows in the world. Talking about his annual earnings, James earns an estimated amount of $164,000 per year with nearby 3,00,000 views on the channel every day.

Laura Vitale- Laura in the Kitchen – 3.79 Million Subscribers

10 Best USA Food Youtubers- And Their Popular Channels; Laura Vitale- Laura in the Kitchen-3.79 Million Subscribers
source-Italia Living

The channel was created and started on 15th January 2010. Enjoy making super yummy food recipes by watching this popular YouTuber, Laura, and her one of the best USA food YouTube channels. Trust me if you visit her channel ones you will not be coming back so easily as all the dishes on the channel look so appetizing and beautiful.

Laura has cooking experience as she has worked in many restaurants from a young age along with her father. She is an Italian-American TV chef who turned her cooking passion into a YouTube career in 2010 and achieved great heights, as her channel has crossed over 3.7 million subscribers now. Her estimated earnings from the channel are around $290,000 with 100,000 plus views every day.

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Chef John Mitzewich- Food Wishes – 3.91 Million Subscribers.

10 Best USA Food Youtubers- And Their Popular Channels; Chef John Mitzewich- Food wishes-3.91 Million Subscribers

This channel was created and started on 16th January 2007. A new cooking video is posted every weak on the channel. Chef John is an American Chef who posts amazing instructional videos. You can easily catch up to the recipes he makes on his channel or on his blog posts.

The estimated earning of John Mitzewich is expected to be $1 million per year with over 800 million views on the channel. John has a paid partnership with the YouTube channel and much online cooking shows too. We can see rapid growth in his subscribers as of January where it was just 3.4 million, and now it is about to cross 4 million.

Elise Strachan – Cupcake Addiction – 3.11 Million Subscribers

10 Best USA Food Youtubers- And Their Popular Channels; Elise Strachan-Cupcake Addiction-3.11 Million Subscribers

If you are a baking addict like Elise and love to try different baking recipes like cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and other things then you can’t miss out on this YouTube channel. The channel was created on 21st September 2011.

Her estimated income from the YouTube channel is $1,000,000 with over 10 million views on posts every month.

Hannah Hart – My Harto – 2.34 Million Subscribers

10 Best USA Food Youtubers- And Their Popular Channels; Hannah Hart-My Harto-2.34 Million Subscribers

This popular cooking channel was created on 5th June 2009. My Harto is more than a cooking channel. It posts various singing videos along with cooking videos. Hannah Hart is an actor, comedian, and author who hosts weekly series called,” My Drunk Kitchen”.

The estimated income of Hannah through her channel ranges between $ 1.2 million with over 1,00,000 views on her posts.

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All these 10 are the best USA food YouTube channels. They not only post their cooking contents but share their life journeys as well. If you really wish to master your cooking skills, then these best channels are a must-watch for you. Subscribe to their channels and get daily updates. Do share your cooking experiences with us in the comments section below.

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