10 Best Soul Food YouTube Channels With Best Southern Recipes

While many people confuse soul food with southern food, the basic difference between the two is very simple. All the soul food is Southern but all southern food is not Soul food. Nowadays many emerging soul food YouTube Channels are bringing up the best dishes live through their youtube channels for food junkies.

Soul food was introduced in the mid-’90s. Back then soul food was just a culture to describe the native African-Americans. The main ingredients used for cooking soul food include cornmeal, pork, beans, and greens. Pork is also used in seasoning soul food items.

Soul food was so famous among African-American earlier. YouTube made it famous worldwide. Some of the best Soul Food YouTube channels and best soul food YouTubers are:

  1. Coop Can Cook
  2. Divas Can Cook
  3. Soul Food Cooking
  4. Quang Tran
  5. Hadia ‘s Lebanese Cuisine
  6. Food Network
  7. Food Heaven show
  8. Kiwanna’s Kitchen
  9. Old School Soul Food
  10. MsQueenificent

Want to know more about them? Here is a detailed overview of these best soul Food YouTube channels and their subscribers.

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10 Best Soul Food YouTube Channels

Here are the top 10 soul food YouTube channels to satisfy your seasonal cravings. Have a visit to these channels and enjoy making their recipes.

Coop Can Cook – 189K Subscribers

Want some inspiration for cooking from a home cook? Here she is with her mouth watering dishes.

This channel was started on 22 April 2016. This channel is started by a self-taught cook, B.Coop. To try out a different variety of soul food watching this channel. Some of the recent posts on this channel are Turkey leg Hut, Creamy black Eyed Peas, Sweet potato pie. All the complex dishes are interpreted in an easy manner.

Divas can Cook – 991K Subscribers

Are you a fan of desserts? Want something delicious for your sweet tooth cravings? Try out this channel.

This channel was created on 5th April 2009. In this channel, many secrets ingredients are revealed that can give a whole different feel to our regular food. Some recently uploaded food videos on the channel are Vegan Mac and Cheese, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream, Cheesy Taco Spaghetti, lemon velvet cake, etc. The channel is getting worldwide popularity as it is very close to completing 1 Million subscribers.

Soul food Cooking – 138K Subscribers

The channel was started on 25th January 2015. Like the channel itself says it all for itself. Here you will find really delicious food that will satisfy your cravings. To name a few dishes available on the channel, Spicy fried catfish, Baked short ribs, fried pork chops, dirty rice recipe, pan spread salmon, shrimp fried rice, bananas foster french toast, etc. Monique is the host of the channel.

Quang Tran – 2.27 Million Subscribers

This channel was started on 15th December 2014. Check out this channel for some crazy cooking used and the dishes that turn out to be are mouth-watering. Some of the recent recipes in the videos are Buffalo wings, Chicken and waffles, Unity fast, Cajun salmon and dirty rice, Rachel’s meat dessert. This channel is a perfect cooking stop for meat lovers.

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Hadia’s Lebanese Cuisine – 605 Subscribers

The channel was started on 25th August 2014. Hadia is a cookbook writer, a food styling expert, and a photographer too. After spending so many years in these she finally decided to come up with her own youtube channel. Some of the recent uploads on her channel are Labneh with Garlicky Cherry tomatoes and Dukkah, authentic Lebanese tabbouleh, seafood paella, etc. Enjoy creating and watching the best food.

Food Network – 1.65 Million Subscribers

This is a US Cooking channel owned by Discovery, Inc. Nexstar Media Group. You can watch new episodes every day on the channel. The channel was started on 16th November 2006. What can you get on the channel? Walnut Waffles, Chicken sandwich, Mud pie, Giada De Laurentiis Fettuccine Alfredo, etc.

Food Heaven Show – 42.7K Subscribers

The channel was started on 6th April 2013. Wendy and Jessica are the hosts and chefs on the channel. Both of them are nutrition experts. If you were looking for healthy soul food then do try this channel. Some of the nutritious recipes are Cauliflower Blueberry Smoothie Bowl, Rosemary Kiwi Cocktails, Almond pumpkin seeds coconut Granola, etc.

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Kiwanna’s Kitchen

This soul food channel has more than 600 videos now. The host of the channel is Kiwanna A. She started this channel because of her passion for cooking. To turn her passion into a career and to showcase her cooking skills to the world she started this youtube channel which is now getting all the popularity and support from food lovers. You can find Kentucky lemon butter cake, whole broiled Tilapia, Homemade meatloaf, etc in her recent uploads on the channel.

Old School Soul Food – 54.5K Subscribers

This channel was started on 7th October 2012. Chef Jeffery Williams is the creator of this channel. Watch the old-school soul food recipes that are easy to make and taste authentic. Some recent videos on the channel are stuffed pork chop, lemon Meringue, corn beef hash, french toast, pound cake, etc.

MsQueenificent – 342K Subscribers

The channel was created on 8th March 2012. This channel is a multi-niche channel that posts cooking videos, product videos, home decor ideas, fashion videos, and food review videos. The channel creator MSQueenificient loves to post engaging content for her audiences. Watch her growing as she reached 342K subscribers recently and has a long way to go.

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Hope these channels will help you in one way or the other. The best part about the above-mentioned Youtubers is that they believed in themselves and followed their passion. Do follow their channels to get updates on a regular basis. Also, share your family cooking experiences with us in the comments section below. Until then happy soul food cooking!!

Featured Image Credits; India Food Network

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